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You still have plenty of time to plant these quick growing vegetable seeds. Vegetables such as beans, corn, cucumbers, squash and zucchini are all considered short season, warm weather plants. This means they mature quickly and are best sown directly into your garden. They don’t like to have their roots disturbed by transplanting. Once your soil is warm and dried out from the spring rains, sow your seed directly into your garden. Keep the soil evenly moist until the seedlings emerge. Soil that dries out may prevent germination. Seeds should sprout within a few days under the ideal growing conditions but could take up to 10 days. Once they germinate you’ll be ready to harvest in about 50-60 days.

Here are some examples of late season vegetables that should be directly sown into your garden now.

Beans are easy to grow, they’re an ideal crop for beginners and perfect for a child’s garden because the seeds are large and easy to handle. There are 2 types of beans – bush and pole. “Bush” beans grow into compact plants, produce an early crop and are best for beginners. “Pole” beans grow long vines, take longer to produce a crop and require a trellis or some other support to climb. If you've never had fresh beans from your own garden, you're in for a big treat!


Every garden needs a least a few rows for fresh corn. Corn is wind pollinated so plant 4 or more short rows side by side rather than one or two long rows. Planting side by side will promote good pollination which means you’ll have bigger ears of corn. Nothing beats fresh corn on the cob.

Cucumbers, Squash and Zucchini are all related and have similar growing requirements. Most varieties require plenty of room to sprawl so if you have limited space look for compact “bush” varieties. Like beans, these are ideal crops for children to grow. Few vegetables bring so much taste, color, and nutrition to the table.

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