by Mike Lizotte

My wife and I were very excited to welcome our first child, Sadie Anne into the world this winter! Well after lot’s of snow, more rain and cool weather this spring, we finally got a nice weekend so we headed out to our friends Amy and Leandro’s 14 acre wildflower planting to see how things were progressing and introduce our daughter to her first wildflower meadow.

We featured some pictures of their meadow last year, highlighting the great display of annuals such as Cosmos and Sunflower and the transition to perennials in the second season with Black-Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daises and more.

(See pictures below from previous post –

Well as you can see things are coming in just nicely! These early Chrysanthemums along with the Perennial Lupine provide some of the first perennial color of the year. Soon the Siberian Wallflower and Wild Sweet William will be next to bloom as the days warm and we move into July.

Although only 6 months and just crawling, you can see the smile these flowers brought to our daughter. That’s the gift of gardening. The joy and simple pleasures it can bring to us all, both young and old. So whether you’ve got a large area or a small windowsill in your apartment, no area is too big or too small to get your hands a little dirty, plant something and experience the joy for yourself!

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