by eplatt

At the end of each season, no matter how well we project our inventory needs, we invariably end up with some excess plants, roots and bulbs. Nothing’s worse than seeing them go to waste when we know that there are many worthy organizations who’d love to have them. This year, with floods, tornados, wildfires and more in the news daily, we know that our products can both brighten a landscape and serve a practical purpose as many perennials are great for erosion control.

This year, we’re turning to social media to match up our supplies with worthy groups. We’ve announced via our blog, Facebook page and our Twitter feed that we’re accepting nominations of organizations who would be interested in product donations.

This isn’t a scientific process, nor is it a contest in any way. Simply go to and fill out the form. The more information you can give us, the better and we will be giving preferential treatment to organizations that can offer to pay shipping costs. Non-profits, parks departments, schools, etc – If they’re interested in gardening, send them our way.

We have spring-planted flower bulbs, bare root perennials and a limited amount of plug perennials. All are ready for immediate shipping and all should be planted immediately. All we ask for in return is that the organizations help publicize the donation via their membership or local media.

Hurry – we’re going to be accepting applications until Monday, July 11th and have a limited supply. If you happen to be on Facebook or Twitter, we’re really appreciate if you could pass this along to other gardeners.

Many thanks!
Mike, Ethan and the Gardeners at American Meadows

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