by Amanda

Each year we get dozens of calls from gardeners who are either looking for quick and easy pre-planned gardens or specialty collections for specific needs. Many gardeners want fragrant flowers, an ever-blooming garden, deer resistant plants, or other specific additions to their gardens. Our gardening experts have designed eight different collections that will provide a unique purpose for each garden. We hope you enjoy looking at these specialty collections and the unique purpose each one serves for your garden.

Fragrant Collection
Our fragrant collection is comprised of 12 fragrant hyacinth bulbs and 1/4 lb of our fragrant wildflower mixture. Simply plant the hyacinth bulbs now, sprinkle the seed on top of the soil, and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of these flowers from early spring until late summer. The hyacinths will bloom first, followed by the quick-blooming annuals in the wildflower collection.

Deer Resistant Bulb/Seed Collection
Many gardeners find their bulbs and plants disappearing each season thanks to pesky deer. Simply plant this deer resistant bulb collection, sprinkle our deer-resistant seed mixture on top, and enjoy blooms from early spring until late summer – deer free!

Darwin Tulips & Tulip Topper
Plant this colorful mix of 50 Darwin tulips and sprinkle our tulip topper mixture on top of the soil. Enjoy the burst of color from the tulips in early spring and, once they fade, see the seed take over with beautiful blooms throughout the spring and summer.

Dutchmaster Daffodils & Annual Mix
This mixture is for those who love the early blooms of daffodils but are looking for color all season long. Plant these 50 Dutchmaster Daffodils, sprinkle our All Annual wildflower mixture on top, and enjoy blooms throughout the spring and summer.

Shade Perennial Garden
This wonderful collection is for gardeners who are looking to fill shady spots in their yard or garden. Comprised of three bleeding hearts, astilbe, and hostas, these plants will create a long-lasting, beautiful statement in your shady garden.

Daylily Collection
This collection is comprised of three daylily varieties that complement each other and will create a hardy statement in your garden. The Strawberry Candy, Pardon Me, and Frans Hals daylilies will provide some re-blooming and delight in your shade or sun garden.

Peony Collection
This collection is not new to us, but deserves to be highlighted for its popularity and beauty. This collection is comprised of one white, red, and pink peony that will create a fragrant show in your garden in the late spring to early summer.

Border Garden
This collection is perfect for framing your existing garden beds with plants that will create a statement, but not over-power the blooms behind it. It is comprised of three Hosta Elegans, Astilbe Montgomery, Daylily Frans Hals, and White Bleeding Hearts. These plants will complement each other well and provide a lovely border for your garden bed.

Order any of these kits now for immediate shipment. We always welcome feedback and suggestions for other collections you may want to plant in your garden. Give us a call toll-free at 877-309-7333 or email us at customerservice@americanmeadows.

Happy Gardening!

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