by Amanda

Everyone knows, and loves, Dutchmaster Daffodils. They are bright, hardy, and will come back in multitudes year after year. What’s there not to like? Although we agree that Dutch Master King Alfred Improved Daffodils are fantastic, we want to highlight some other daffodils that have their own charm and place in every garden. Jetfire Daffodils Jetfire Daffodils are dwarfs with deep, yellow petals and a center that ranges from orange to red. These bulbs will create floral fireworks when they bloom in mid spring.   Daffodil Misty Glen - Fall Planted Bulbs Misty Glen Daffodils Misty Glen Daffodils are a lovely new look in daffodils. Their blooms are snow white, with emerald=green centers. They will make a stunning, unique statement in mid spring.   Daffodil Mixed Pink - Fall Planted Bulb Mixed Pink Daffodils For all you pink lovers, this mix of pink daffodils will produce tall, full-sized daffodils in a range of full pink trumpets, pink ring styles and more.   Daffodil Large Cupped Mix - Fall Planted Bulbs Mixed Large Cup Daffodils A vibrant, colorful mix of the best and longest blooming daffodils. Ideal for mass plantings and excellent for naturalizing.   So, get out there and try something new! Daffodils are one of the most popular fall-planted bulbs and there is still plenty of time to plant for spring blooms. Happy (Fall) Gardening!
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