by Amanda

[caption id="attachment_3310" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Amaryllis Samba"]Amaryllis Samba - Fall Planted Bulb[/caption] The wonderfully bright, long-lasting blooms that Amaryllis produce are undoubtedly one of the most joyous parts of the winter months. It is a wonderful experience, for both the novice or expert gardener, to see Amaryllis grow and bloom in just a few short weeks. We litter our work areas with them and truly appreciate the breath of life that comes in long, colorful waves throughout the cold months.   They are a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved one. Their incredible resilience makes them virtually fool-proof; a perfect gift for the beginner gardener, or the most experienced gardener who truly appreciates their fantastic blooms. We are frequently asked the best ways to plant Amaryllis and if there are any special tricks. The simple answer is no. They are incredibly easy to grow and will produce showy, magnificent blooms almost miraculously. Yet, we do have some guidance on how to get the best growth and blooms out of your favorite Amaryllis Bulbs. [caption id="attachment_3311" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Amaryllis Christmas Gift"]Amaryllis Christmas Gift - Fall Planted Bulb[/caption] Growing Amaryllis Indoors If your amaryllis doesn't come in a "kit" with soil and pot, you'll need to find a proper pot.  Amaryllis bulbs are the size of a very large onion (or larger), but they like to be somewhat crowded in their pots.  Choose a pot that allows about one inch all around and one or two inches below your bulb.   Once your bulb is planted, water sparingly until the sprout is well out of the bulb. (It won't take long.) Then water regularly and your amaryllis will produce its spectacular huge flowers. Remember to keep turning the pot regularly to make the stalk grow straight as they have a tendency to grow towards the light. Planting Amaryllis Outdoors (Frost-Free Zones) [caption id="attachment_3312" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Amaryllis Red Lion"]Amaryllis Red Lion - Fall Planted Bulb[/caption] Since these bulbs are tropical (native to South America), they can be grown beautifully outdoors in very warm and frost-free zones.  This means from southern Georgia down through Florida, south Texas, and much of the Pacific coast.  Planting time in these areas is usually September or October, and if the bed is well-cared for, the bulbs will stay in the ground and flower for years.   To learn more about planting and care of your Amaryllis bulbs, read our article “Amaryllis Growing Instructions” Happy Gardening!
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