by Amanda

We are often asked by customers, “What is your favorite flower?” Usually unable to answer on the spot as there are just too many to choose from, we have decided to take the time to give everyone on our team the chance to answer this question once and for all. Our gardening expertise ranges from novice (see: Planting Fall Bulbs with Ellie) to certified Master Gardeners. Despite this range of skills, we have all grown and appreciated the joy of our product’s blooms. Below is each employee’s favorite flower (or more, if they really couldn’t choose one) and the reasons why. Enjoy! Mike “The Seed Man” loves wildflowers so much that he couldn’t choose one variety as his favorite. Instead, he chose our Northeast Wildflower Mixture because it produces a variety of flowers and continuous color all year long. He loves how easy it is to grow and the rainbow of color it brings to any area. [caption id="attachment_3474" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Perennial Lupine"][/caption] Ethan’s favorite flower is Lupine. He grows it from seed and appreciates Lupine’s striking beauty. It is also his wife’s favorite flower and they even gave out Lupine seed as favors at their wedding! Erin couldn’t choose between her two favorites - Mixed Daffodils and Globemaster Allium. She loves that the daffodils can be planted once and come back every year. She planted Globemaster Allium and they have multiplied each year, putting on a show that her neighbors love to comment on! Greg’s favorite flowers are the Blue Moon Tulip Mix. They grew better than any other tulip in his garden and even with the high winds last spring, they stayed strong. The Blue Moon Tulips consistently come back year after year and are stunning. Rob’s favorite product that we carry is Garlic. He is Italian and loves growing fresh garlic to put in (literally) every dish that he makes! [caption id="attachment_3475" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Darwin Hybrid Tulip mix"][/caption] Locky’s favorite flowers are Darwin Mixed Tulips. They are his wife’s favorite flower and an homage to her mother. He began his gardening career this fall by planting Tulips with his daughter, Ellie. Read more in his blog, “Planting Fall Bulbs With Ellie. Tabar couldn’t decide on one favorite flower. She loves Hardy Hibiscus and Butterfly Bushes because they are beautiful and bring butterflies outside her window. She likes growing Zinnia to use as cut flowers. Paula’s two favorite flowers are Peonies and Queen of the Night Tulips. She loves Peonies for their giant blooms and sweet fragrance. The Queen of the Night Tulips have a special place in her heart because her mother used to grow them when she lived in Korea. Jessica’s favorite flower is the Elvas Amaryllis. Her favorite color is pink and she thinks these blooms are beautiful and extremely easy to grow. [caption id="attachment_3473" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Elvas Amaryllis"][/caption] Heather’s favorite flower is Saffron Crocus. She grows the Saffron Crocus to harvest the stamens for using in her favorite dishes. Amanda’s favorite flowers are Cosmos. She loves sprinkling the seed each spring and being amazed with their vibrant, colorful show. Happy Gardening from all of us at American Meadows!
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