by Amanda

One of our favorite aspects of working with gardeners all across the country is hearing their success stories and getting the opportunity to glimpse into their gardens. Each year we interact with tens of thousands of happy customers and collect their letters, testimonials, and garden stories from their experiences with American Meadows. We have chosen a few of our favorite stories and highlighted them below. 2011 Photo Contest Winner [caption id="attachment_3573" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Kristi's Winning Photo"]Perennials - Black Eyed Susan[/caption] Kristi Steele won our Photo Contest this year with her amazing photo of a four-legged friend perched on her Black-Eyed Susans. She had this to say about her garden, “I love going out into my gardens and seeing what wildlife that the flowers bring. All the different Butterflies, hummingbirds, and to my surprise a very photogenic tree frog! I have always found it good therapy for me to go out and work in my gardens and I think every season has its beauty.” A Show-Stopping Amaryllis [caption id="attachment_3571" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Full House Amaryllis "]Amaryllis - Full House[/caption]Lisa, in New York, wrote to us regarding the amazing results of her Full House Amaryllis Bulb. “I just wanted to let you know that I have never been happier with an Amaryllis Bulb than with the one I purchased from American Meadows! Over the holidays, my family and I were treated to a spectacular show that included two enormous flower spikes, the second of which grew to the incredible height of 28 inches, and contained 6 flowers! And then imagine my surprise and glee when I discovered, just last week, in between the vivid green leaves, a third flower stalk! It is now 15 inches tall and promises to delight us for a third glorious time! What a thrill...Thank you so very much for this superior product!" [caption id="attachment_3570" align="alignright" width="150" caption="One of Kathryn's Beautiful Pictures of her Cosmos"]Wildflower Seeds - Cosmos[/caption]A Field of Cosmos Kathryn, in California, shared several beautiful pictures of the Cosmos she purchased from American Meadows on our Facebook Page. She wrote, “I love my Cosmos from American Meadows. Each day I go out and take pictures of these beautiful flowers… so amazed at how well they did in my garden so far this summer. Thank you American Meadows!” An Unexpected Meadow [caption id="attachment_3572" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="One of Sal's Pictures of his Wildflower Meadow"]Wildflower Seeds - Southeast Mixture[/caption]Sal, of Florida, sent us pictures of the wildflower meadow he established using our Southeastern Wildflower Mix. He wrote, “I planted my meadow last spring. This spring I was not sure things would grow back. What a surprise!! Photo taken mid may 2011, with lots of season to go.” These stories are just a small sample of the wonderful gardens we were fortunate enough to help be a part of this year. Send us your garden stories through email or share on our Facebook page – we can’t get enough! Happy Gardening from all of us here at American Meadows!
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