by Amanda

[caption id="attachment_3628" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Dahlia Snow Country"]Spring Bulb - Dahlia Snow Country[/caption] Most gardeners enjoy the fruits of their labor in the day, watching the sun shine on their gorgeous plants. But why stop there? Plant a Moonlight Garden and enjoy your garden at all hours of the day – combine show-stopping, white flowers with fragrant blooms and create an evening oasis to sit back, relax, and enjoy the splendor of moonlight reflecting off your flowers. We have suggestions for what to plant to create this magical retreat in your garden. Planting a Moonlight Garden is simple; combine your favorite white flowers, or variegated foliage plants, with fragrant blooms for a multisensory experience. For a more dramatic effect, section off one area of your outdoor space to create your Moonlight Garden. Put a table, or bench, in the middle of the garden so you can sit and enjoy its beauty in the evening. [caption id="attachment_3630" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Balloon Flower Astra Double White"]Perennial - Balloon Flower Astra Double White[/caption] Moonlight Gardens are wonderful because you can literally choose any of your favorite fragrant or white flowers – there is no right or wrong. To help get you started, we have a few suggestions from our own experiences. For wildflower lovers, two beautiful choices are White Yarrow and Candytuft; they will glow in the moonlight and create a natural feel. The Shasta Daisy Snowcap, Balloon Flower Astra Double White, or Lamium White Nancy will produce lush, white flowers that will illuminate your garden. For those with room for climbing, try the Clematis Henri or Hibiscus Blue River. Plant the Hosta So Sweet for variegated foliage and fragrant, glowing blooms. The Dahlia Snow Country and Calla Lily Albomaculata will create a show-stopping, elegant look to the garden. [caption id="attachment_3627" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Calla Lily Albomaculata"]Spring Bulb - Calla Lily Albomaculata[/caption] These are just a few of our favorites from our vast selection of white bulbs and perennials. Try something new this spring and create your own Moonlight Garden. You will thank yourself in the evenings when you step outside and are greeted with sweetly fragrant, luminous blooms.     Happy Gardening!
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