by Amanda

Anyone who has grown Bearded Iris can’t seem to get enough of them. Their ruffled blooms create an elegant statement in almost any garden and the re-bloomers do what every gardener dreams of – put on a show twice in one season. We all love the classic Bearded Irises that have been around for years, but it is always exciting to try a new twist on an old favorite. We are thrilled to be carrying eight new Bearded Iris this spring, with several boasting fragrant and multiple blooms. If you love pastels, try planting the new Cloud Ballet, Parisian Dawn, and Pink Attraction together in your garden. Along with being absolutely stunning, the Cloud Ballet and Pink Attraction are also sweetly fragrant. The Parisian Dawn ties the trio together with soft, apricot blooms that are edged in lavender. If you are more drawn to bold colors in your garden, try the Red Hawk, Pure as Gold, Blue Suede Shoes, and Badlands. A wonderful combination of rich purple, red, and gold, these Irises will be sure to turn heads in the garden. The Brazilian Holiday is a spectacular bi-color with contrasting lavender and plum-red colors. Those who grow Bearded Irises will undoubtedly do so as long as they have the space in their garden. Expand your collection this spring with any of our new varieties. Their beauty and uniqueness will be something to boast about to your gardening friends – I am sure they love Bearded Irises as much as you do! For more information on Irises, read our article "All About Irises." Happy (Iris) Gardening!
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