by Amanda

The color pink represents so many wonderful causes and feelings, I thought I would take the time to highlight and celebrate it as one of my favorite colors in the garden. Pink blooms, depending on the shade, can create an endless variety of statements in your garden. When the weather gets cold, I start planning ahead for spring and thought I would help you do the same with some of my favorite pink flowers. Elegant [caption id="attachment_3672" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Peony Sorbet"][/caption]Soft, whimsical shades of pink can add elegance to your garden. The delicate, ruffled pink petals of the re-blooming Bearded Iris Pink Attraction will bring grace to a sunny spot in the garden – twice in one season! The Sorbet Peony will delight with its luscious double blooms and sweet fragrance. The Phlox Light Pink has lovely, soft pink petals with deep pink centers that will put on an exquisite show. Belladonna Lilies boast sweet, light pink blooms with soft yellow centers. Electric! [caption id="attachment_3670" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Gladiolus Windsong"][/caption]Bright, electric shades of pink can add fun and pizazz to your garden. The Bee Balm Pink Lace has vibrant, large blooms that will attract beautiful hummingbirds to your garden. The Dwarf Oriental Lily Showwinner has bright, fragrant pink blooms that will put on a fun show in the front of any garden bed. The Hollyhock Fiesta Time’s frilly, double blooms will be a show-stopper both in the garden and cut for bouquets. The Gladiolus Windsong’s hot pink blooms and bright yellow centers will not only pop in your garden, but will make you feel like you are in the tropics. [caption id="attachment_3673" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Bee Balm Pink Lace"][/caption]Whether pink flowers represent something special to you, or you just love the fun color, there are endless pink choices for your garden. Try adding a touch of elegance or pizazz to your garden this spring with something pink! Happy Gardening!
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