by Amanda

Get Gardenin' GiveawayAs our Get Gardenin’ Giveaway continues, we are excited to share how our contest winners are using their gift certificates to get gardenin’ this spring! Remember, enter every day to win – we are giving away $25 every day, $100 every week, and one Grand Prize of $250 at the end of the February. Enter now to win! Rajesh from Texas is using his prize to help reignite his passion for gardening. He writes, “Thank you for the $100 Wednesday prize! My motivation to continue gardening just got a shot in the arm!” Picotee Begonia MixJanet from California is using her gift certificate to plant begonias in pottery she made. She writes, “I just used the money to buy two more bags of Picotee Tuberous Begonia mix to add to my recent order of the same plus dahlias and lavender. They will go in pottery that I made and be put on my second floor patio where I live. I know they will be beautiful because everything I have bought from American Meadows has been really, very fantastic." Customer Photo - Zinnia ElegansMaura from Vermont is excited to use her gift certificate to grow zinnia seeds with her son for the first time. She writes, “I think I'm going to start some of the zinnia seeds indoors so that my little guy can be in on the process from the beginning and watch the seeds germinate and grow into seedlings. I think I might need to gather a stash of children's books about gardening nearby so we can read and watch at the same time. I'm really excited about the seeds. It has me thinking spring already!” We are ecstatic that our winners are using their gift certificates to get gardenin’ this spring! Enter now to win a gift certificate for your garden – contest ends February 29th. Happy Gardening!
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