by Amanda

Looking to add something new to your garden this season? There is still plenty of time to plant and our growers have offered us some amazing late-season discounts on 10 unique products for spring. All items are shipping immediately! Anemone September CharmThe Anemone September Charm is an elegant, pink perennial that is an all-time garden plant. It blooms in the fall, adding a burst of color once most of the garden has finished. Columbine Colorado Violet & White is a new variety that recreates the famous blue Colorado Columbine into a shorter, deep purple color. This beauty can be planted in full sun or partial shade and will add a unique look to any garden. Columbine Colorado Violet and WhiteBellflower Dickons Gold is a shorter variety, perfect for a border garden. Its light purple blooms are offset by striking, bright green foliage. Bellflower Emerald is often called Clustered Bellflower because of the clustered arrangement of the flowers, on tall stems with an almost lily-like appearance. Its beautiful, light blue blooms are often flecked with deep purple. Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise is a shorter, compact plant that will ignite the garden with extra-bright flowers in golden yellow with red spots. This Coreopsis will provide a show even when it’s not in bloom with beautiful variegated foliage, decorative in the garden all spring, summer, and fall. Veronica Red FoxBlack Eyed Susan Viette’s Little Suzy resembles the popular Goldsturm variety, but is about 12 inches shorter. This gorgeous plant is perfect for a container or border garden in the sun or part shade! Sage Snow Hill provides an elegant statement with soft, white blooms and deep green foliage. Plant it to offset dramatic red and blue blooms such as the new Veronica Red Fox and Eveline. Sedum Autumn Charm is a highly-decorative hybrid, featuring large variegated leaves and gigantic flowerheads with white buds that open creamy pink. An ever-changing beauty for any sunny spot in the garden. Try something new in the garden this spring!
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