by Mike Lizotte

UVM Flower Garden and SignI was thumbing through my mail a while back and included was my quarterly letter from the University that I attended, soliciting money for their latest fund raising drive. I certainly understand the importance and was thinking to myself that in this economic climate, how difficult it must be to get people to open their wallets and make a donation. In our business it’s inevitable that we have some perishable plants left over at the end of each growing season including things like bulbs, bare roots and other plant material. In 2010 I got involved in the University of Vermont Master Gardening program and partnered with associate professor Mark Starrett donating hundreds of plants that are now being grown all around campus. He’s been able to keep his students very busy with a variety of projects all across campus! UVM Flower Garden It’s been a very rewarding experience being able to give back to the school that provided the foundation to pursue a lifelong dream of owning my own small business. [caption id="attachment_4838" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="They were so appreciative, I got my own bench!"]Donor Recognition Plaque[/caption]So next time you might be in the Burlington, Vermont area head up to the campus at UVM and check out the beautification that’s taking place all over campus and remember “giving back” can mean a lot more than giving money! Keep up the great work Mark! Mike “Seed Man” Lizotte Proud UVM alumni (Class of 97’).
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