by Amanda

Tulip Cape HollandThe crisp green stems of daffodils, early tulips, and other spring-bloomers popping up in the early spring are one of the most uplifting, cheerful sights to many gardeners. This year, add more excitement to your spring garden with new varieties! Try planting new Daffodils such as Trumpet Daffodil Akita, Large Cupped Daffodil Altruist, Double Daffodils Peach Swirl and Double Beauty, or the ever-popular Butterfly Daffodils Vanilla Peach. New, unique Tulips we are carrying are gorgeous pink Cape Holland and Mariette, fringed Tulips Curly Sue, and Double Late Tulips (resembling Peonies) Blue Diamond. Daffodils AltruistBring sweet fragrance to your spring garden with new Hyacinths Gypsy Princess and Miss Saigon, Oriental Lilies Altari, and soft pink Oriental Lilies Mona Lisa. The new Bearded Iris Pink Attraction is a graceful, easy-to-grow variety that boasts ruffled, light pink blooms. Add long-lasting, unique color to your garden this fall with new perennials such as the Poppy Patty's Plum, Pinnacle, and Turkenlouis. The new Peony Rubra Plena brings drama to summer garden with bright pink, fragrant blooms. Add a new look to your shade garden with Poppy Pinnaclethe Astilbe Gloria; the elegant, lavender plumes illuminate in the summer. The Daylily Gentle Shepherd has pure white blooms with green throats and is easy to grow, multiplying each year. We all love Stella D'Oro Daylilies and Orange Harvest Bearded Irises, but this year add some "wow" to your garden with something new! Happy Gardening!
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