by Mike Lizotte

Although it doesn't happen often, sometimes I get too ambitious with my seed ordering and projections. Well... it turns out we have a few species that we just seem to have a little too much of, so we've decided to pass the savings along to you!

Save up to 50% on these selected items as we make some room for our next crop of seed to arrive. We're constantly sourcing and bringing in fresh seed every few weeks, ensuring our customers only the freshest seed possible! It's our proven fresh, high quality seed at great savings - Just in time for fall planting!

Save on these quick-blooming annual favorites such as Scarlet Flax, Blue Cornflower and Four O'Clocks. Cosmos, Zinnia, and Red Poppies provide mid to late leason color and do very well when planted in the fall. Take advantage of the mild fall weather and start sowing!

Thinking you might not get around to planting your seed this fall? Don't worry! Just store your seed in a room temperature, dry area and it will keep its high germination rate and be ready for planting this coming spring.

Enjoy all the above photos from our customers across the country who have planted our seeds with great results!

Happy Gardening! - The Seed Man

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