by Amanda

Although pink Peonies and yellow Daylilies are the staple of most perennial gardens, what sets your garden apart are the unique, conversation-starting plants. We are excited to be carrying over 140 new Spring-Planted Bulbs and Perennials for the 2013 season. From the bright, bold Anemone Flowering Dahlias to the whimsical Hypericum shrubs, create a show-stopping, unique look in your garden this summer!

Our customers are always asking for different varieties of Elephant Ear Bulbs and this spring we are pleased to be carrying eight new varieties! Choose from the huge-leafed Thailand Giant, dramatic Black Stem, Upright Mayan Mask and more. Elephant Ears make a bold, stunning statement planted in the garden or containers and are perfect for offsetting your favorite blooms!

When many gardeners hear "Hypericum," they automatically think "St. John's Wort," but these shrubs are so much more! Small, compact shrubs add multi-seasonal interest to the garden with gorgeous blooms and bright-colored berries. A unique, gorgeous statement both in the garden and cut for summer bouquets.

Anemones create a whimsical, colorful statement in the late summer garden, once many plants have already finished for the season. The smaller, compact varieties will thrive both in the garden and in containers. Stunning, jewel-toned blooms illuminate the garden and are perfect cut for arrangements.

We are also carrying nine new varieties of Bearded Iris, over eight new varieties of Lilies, several new Woodland plants, three new varieties of Hydrangea, and many more.

Classic varieties are famous for being the back-bone of gardens across the country, but why not branch out this spring and add a few knock-out, different blooms?

Happy Gardening!



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