by Paula Haskell

When I tell people that I actually don’t like to garden, they stare at me as if I’m crazy. Looking at my landscaping, you would think that I lived for it, but there are really only two parts of gardening that I look forward to: the actual growing of things and the planning. Having an art background, I like to plan gardens with all of the different colors, textures and varying heights. I like to play around with what looks good with what and where.  Before moving, I lived in a city with a small green space, forcing me to be confined to container gardening.  Now, with acres to contend with, my mind is constantly on the whirl!

I have never been one for a linear look. Why line everything up when you can get a better effect with shapes? All of the gardens I have been working on are of a circular shape; even the one lining a 100 foot long fence has a wave pattern to it. People ask me what I look for when I start a new project or expand an existing garden. The first thing is color and color combinations. I like to create eye popping color combinations such as yellow and purple. This past spring, I added a Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush with my Stella D’Oro Daylilies. Different heights, foliage and colors will make this a knockout in years to come. Not to mention that there are already Purple Sensation Alliums, True Blue Alliums, various Oriental Lilies and a Pinky Winky Hydrangea all in the same bed.

The best part is, there is still room left over! This fall, I tucked in some new varieties of Tulips (Queen of the Night and Purple Passion Mix) and Hyacinths (Valentine Mix) and then in the upcoming spring, I’ll throw down some Wildflower seeds, usually an Annual Mixture, and some Peacock Orchids to fill in the rest.  I work around the existing Perennial plants and change the gardens every year, much to the chagrin of my husband. Someday, I will run out of room, but not for years to come. Next year’s challenge is already in the works – A meditation herb garden. Wish me luck!

All of the pictures in this blog are from Paula's changing garden.

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