by Mike Lizotte

As I look out my window in my office, the giant snowflakes falling from the sky create a carpet of fresh snow.  Sounds nice– Or, does it!?

I speak to gardeners all across the country and many in warmer climates are getting ready for their “rainy season,” signaling spring is not far behind.  This is also a great time to begin planning your wildflower meadow.
With most people relying on Mother Nature to water their wildflowers, these spring rains can provide a nice soaking to the soil, allowing for a quick germination of your wildflower seed at the same time, eliminating the need to water. 

Just be careful if you’re thinking about planting on a slope as your seed could wash away if the rains are too heavy.  If you are seeding a slope, I would recommend a light coverage of straw (not hay as it could contain seed) to hold the seed in place a little better.  If there are heavy rains in the forecast, I would probably recommend sowing after these rains have past, but still taking advantage of the moisture in the soil.

So whether you’re enjoying the cold and snow or getting ready to plant in the coming weeks, it’s never too early to start planning your next wildflower planting and taking advantage of the conditions that Mother Nature throws at us!

Happy Gardening! The Seed Man 

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