by Mike Lizotte

I’m always happily surprised in the amount of e-mails we receive from gardeners not only in the US but all over the world.  Through the years, we've shipped our seed to countries like Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and the Ukraine to name a few.

I recently reached out to a customer in the UK who started “The Field of Dreams” back in 2011 and as you will see through their beautiful photos and videos, it’s been a great success.  We worked together to formulate custom mixtures for the property to their exact specifications.  The results were stunning! 

Custom mixtures have certainly become more and more popular in the past few years.  We are able to recommend specific varieties that will grow best in your climate and soil conditions, whether you live in Fargo, North Dakota or London, England.  That’s the beauty of wildflowers; They are adaptable to many different growing climates and conditions!

Now I know they say “Love is a Universal Language” but I’d vote gardening a very close second!

Happy Gardening! - The Seed Man

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