by Amanda

Each season we add a variety of new, unique wildflowers to our seed offerings, taking in to consideration varieties our customers have been asking for, unique species that serve a special purpose (drought-tolerant, shade, etc.) and requests from our staff gardeners. For this spring planting season, we are excited to be carrying a dozen new seed varieties and will be planting many of them in our own gardens!

Black Eyed Susan Vine is one that our customers have been requesting for some time. This unique, annual vine ignites the summer garden with large, orange/yellow blooms set off by gorgeous deep eyes. This vine is perfect for trellises and fences and is easy to grow. Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix brings the famous fragrance of Sweet Pea in a fabulous rainbow of color! Moon Flower is an elegant, fragrant beauty that gets its name from large, pure white blooms that come out and close before mid day. Our new Sunflower variety, Dwarf Double Sungold, is shorter than most Sunflowers and makes a fun statement with full, fluffy blooms. It is extremely easy to grow and is perfect for a child’s first garden!

Zinnia seeds are a favorite in gardens from Maine to California and this season we are excited to be carrying two new varieties. Purple Prince boasts huge, Dahlia-like blooms in a vibrant purple color. Luminosa’s charming pink blooms are a butterfly magnet and make great cut flowers, gorgeous on its own or paired with a white Zinnia variety. California Poppies are another meadow favorite throughout the country and we have added two new varieties: Purple Gleam and Carmine King, illuminating the meadow in the late summer months.

Morning Glory Scarlet O’Hara’s deep, pink/red blooms add drama to the summer garden and are perfect for climbing fences, mailboxes, lampposts and more. Tall Evening Primrose is a butterfly magnet, attracting winged wildlife with golden, fragrant blooms. Cape Daisy creates a whimsical feel with pure, white petals that are offset by deep purple eyes. The truly stunning blooms are perfect for summer bouquets! Pincushion Flower Imperial Mix gets its name from unique, spiky petals that bloom in a rainbow of colors.

Whether you are planting a large meadow or a small flower garden, our new Wildflower varieties are the perfect choice for a unique, colorful statement that bring joy for months.

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