by Amanda

Cherry Blossom TreesMany of us are lucky enough to be experiencing the budding and blooming of Fall-Planted Bulbs all across the country. I took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised that spring is in full swing there! Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Trees cascading over the streets, cheerful Daffodils blooming in every garden bed and green growth everywhere! It really gets me thinking and starting to plan my garden for next spring.

I’m excited to try many of the new bulbs we’re carrying for the Fall 2013 season. Although my Daffodils, Crocus and most of my Tulips come up each year, I like to add in new, unique varieties in the fall for Tulip Hatsuzakuramore color and
blooms – I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many bulbs!

We’re carrying two new hybrid Tulips from Japan, Akebono and Hatsuzakura, that I’m definitely going to plant this fall. Both have really unique coloring – Hatsuzakura has charming, pink blooms that fade to white at the bottoms. Akebono’s huge blooms change from yellow to red. Two great additions to my spring-blooming garden bed.

Double Daffodils seem to be increasing in popularity throughout the country and I’m not surprised – I love their huge, almost-fluffy blooms. Muscari Yellow FragranceThey’re great for bouquets!

This fall I’m going to plant several of our new Double Daffodil varieties, including the gorgeous Golden Ducat and bi-colors Rosy Cloud and Fashion. Who could possibly have too many Daffodils?

I always tend to overlook Grape Hyacinths, but this season we’re carrying several new varieties that come in a rainbow of colors, which is right up my alley (color, color, color)! It also doesn’t hurt that they’re all fragrant and deer-resistant. Going around the border of my garden this fall will be Yellow Fragrance, Album and Pink Sunrise.

Mediterranean BellsAnother new variety for this fall that absolutely fascinates me is Mediterranean Bells. I’m going to plant this somewhere where I can view it up close – The unique, bell-shaped blooms are fabulous!
I have a lot of planning to do for fall, but what takes priority right now is the prepping and planting for spring here in Vermont – Today is 60 and sunny. It’s almost here!  

To see all of our new Fall-Planted bulbs for 2013, click here. Happy Gardening!


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