by Mike Lizotte

Can you believe the first day of summer is right around the corner? This is also the time of year when we get plenty of calls from customers wanting to know if they still have time to sow wildflowers. The simple answer is: yes! Whether you’re planning ahead with our All Perennial Mix or wanting to add some quick color with Annual Wildflowers to fill in bare spots, we can certainly help.
Cosmos and Sunflowers

Our Summer Splash Mix is a customer favorite that’s back for another season.  This year’s formulation contains over 30 wildflower varieties, including annuals for quick color this season and perennials for lasting color next season and beyond.  At only $18.95 per pound it’s a great value and you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it!

Summer Splash MixIf you’ve been planning on planting soon, you should expect to see germination occur in 7-14 days and your first blooms beginning in 5-7 weeks after planting,depending on your mixture. Don’t forget if you’re planting perennials, they won’t flower in the first growing season!

With the warmer temperatures upon us, it’s ideal to water your planting if possible in the first few weeks to ensure quick germination.  If you’re not able to water, plan your planting around some rain in the forecast and you should be good to go!

People often ask if they should “feed” their wildflowers with fertilizer or plant food. That's not really necessary - One of the great things about wildflowers is that they don’t need the extra care or nutrients.  Most wildflowers will tolerate poor soil conditions and actually thrive quite well.

There’s still time to plant so get out there and sow some wildflowers.  You’ll be enjoying endless summer flowers before you know it!  

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