by Amanda

This time in the season, although many of us in colder regions are still working on planting, much of the garden has filled in and we know what will be growing where. Now is the perfect time to identify the empty spots in your garden and fill them with Summer-Blooming Bulbs such as Dahlias, Gladiolus, Calla Lilies and more. Added bonus: If you are in Hardiness Zone 8 or above, these Bulbs will come back year after year in your garden! Summer-Blooming Bulbs produce some of the most dramatic color and blooms with very little effort. They don’t take up much space in the garden and make for fabulous summer bouquets. Have some empty spaces in your perennial garden? Tuck Gladiolus Bulbs among your existing plants for a splash of color and variety throughout the space. Try the bold red Traderhorn, pure white Prosperity, or create an array of color with our Rainbow Mix. Looking to add some unique, show-stopping flowers to your landscape design? Dahlias are famous for their huge, colorful blooms and we have over 15 varieties that are sure to become true conversation-starters in the late summer garden. The Dinnerplate Dahlia Snow Country has huge, pure white blooms that reflect the moonlight in the evening hours, creating a serene glow in the garden. The Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia Hawaii ignites the garden with white, pink, and yellow blooms. Can’t decide on one color? Try one of our fabulous Dahlia Mixtures, including our Color Therapy Mix and Babylon's Garden Mix and more. If you want to add elegance to your small-space garden or porch, we have a variety of Annual Bulbs that thrive in containers. Begonias create a gorgeous cascading look and are perfect for containers. Caladium Bulbs have unique, interesting foliage and are great planted in a large container with blooming varieties such as Calla and Canna Lilies. Many varieties of Summer-Blooming Bulbs are known as Tropical Bulbs, meaning they thrive in warmer areas and tolerate the heat this time of the season. One of our favorite things about planting bulbs now is having endless late-summer bouquets for our homes and to give away to friends. Happy Gardening!
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