by Amanda

Mixed WildflowersLiving in a small city, I am often discouraged at the wasted green space in the medians throughout town. Having recently purchased my own home, with it came two fairly large medians. I quickly got tired of mowing, so Wildflowers were the perfect answer!

The woman across from me has intricately designed a fabulous Perennial garden in her median that brings pedestrians to pause and admire every time they walk by. Although brilliant to live across from, it’s not exactly my style. We decided to go for the wild, rainbow-of-blooms look, which means – Wildflowers! I had already planted our Annual Wildflower Mixture in one of my garden beds last fall and it’s starting to burst with blooms, so I knew I wanted to plant more. Planting WildflowersI decided to plant the Northeast Mix in the median, as it has a dozen Wildflowers that will bloom this season and a dozen that will bloom for years after.

We tilled and raked both medians, leaving a strip in the center where we’ll add a stone path for easy pedestrian access. We moved the soil around between the two spots, making the ground as level as possible. Once all of the existing growth was removed and the soil leveled out, it was time to plant.

The planting is the easiest part! We had about 1,000 square feet, so we used one pound of seed. We mixed it with a little sandbox sand to evenly distribute and help us decipher where we had already spread the seed. Using our Handheld Seed Spreader, we spread the seed on top of the bare soil. After it was distributed evenly on both medians, we walked over it to compress the seed into the soil. We gave it a quick water but have been having a lot of rainfall lately, so we knew mother nature would be bringing rain very soon.

Now it’s a waiting game! I’ll take pictures as the different varieties start to come up and bloom. I know people walking by will pick the Wildflowers as they bloom, but I’ve already accepted it – Why not let them take a little of the beauty with them?   

Before and AfterI’ve included some before and after pictures from the planting I did in my garden beds last fall. Right now I have Baby’s Breath, Blue Cornflower, Siberian Wallflower and None-so-Pretty.

I'll take more pictures as the colors evolve throughout the summer months. Happy Gardening!

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