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Pollinators: Bee the Change!

HostaThe disappearing Bee population is not only devastating for their species, but for ours as well. Yet, what do pollinators actually do and why is it important to help them? I’ll answer these questions, as well as give tips on how to help the different species of pollinators below.

What are Pollinators’ jobs in nature?

There are a variety of different pollinators: Bees (including Honey Bees), Butterflies, Moths, and several species of flies and beetles. These important species move pollen from a male flower to a female flower, eventually resulting in fertilization. Many plants require this fertilization to reproduce and grow, meaning pollinators are essential to the stability of our ecosystem.

What Crops Need Pollination?

There are too many to name, but Butterfly Bushmany of our most popular crops need Bees and other pollinators to grow and produce. A recent study showed that at least 80% of the world’s crop species require pollination to set seed, including: Kiwifruit, Cashews, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Pumpkins, Gourds, Zucchini, Passion Fruit, Cocoa, Vanilla and many, many more.

Recent Decline of Pollinators

In the most recent decades, many pollinator populations are considered to be in decline and some (such as several varieties of Bees) are even in danger of extinction. This is not only devastating for the fact that we are losing an entire species from our planet, Cosmosbut this could bring forth dire circumstances for global food webs and human health.

How You Can Help

One of the best ways gardeners can help pollinators is by planting a garden! This helps create a larger diversity of nectar and pollen sources. Putting pollinator-friendly plants together in one area helps to make their work a little easier, consequently reducing stress.

If you are planting a formal Perennial garden, try to group a dense amount of plants in close proximity to one another, all with different shapes, colors and bloom times. This helps to attract a variety of pollinators all season long.Zinnia It is also important to try to grow plants that are native to your area. Several varieties that are especially attractive to pollinators are Penstemon, Foxglove, Peonies, Black Eyed Susans, Echinacea, Sunflowers, Bee Balm and more.

Looking to help but don’t have the time to design a formal garden? We’ve put together several Wildflower Mixtures to help pollinators. Each mixture is designed with a variety of Wildflowers that are all different colors, shapes and bloom all season long, to attract a wide variety of pollinators to your garden. Try our Honey Bee Wildflower Seed Mix, Beneficial Bug Seed Mix, Hummingbird & Butterfly Seed Mix, or plant a Native Mixture for your area.

Planting for pollinators can help benefit their depleting population and add extra color to your landscaping. Happy Gardening!

3 thoughts on “Pollinators: Bee the Change!”

  • Craig Thurber

    Looking for a list of native plants( pollinators) for the coast of California near the Russian River north of San Francisco.

    • Jenny

      Hi Craig, here's a link to our Zone 8 Native Wildflowers that should help to attract pollinators in northern California. Hope you find something that will work in your space - Jenny

  • kim

    I ordered a fair amount of each of the four pollinators and planted in my "garden". I sprayed before hand to help eliminate the majority of the weeds and wire grass. Unfortunately, did not eliminate all of it. If I spray a weed killer after all the flowers are dead this winter and box disk this area, am I going to get a good return of flowers or am I going to find myself starting over? It's an area of about 3400 sf, and I spent about $175 buying seeds. If I need to get out an hand weed, then I will and want to plant heavy clover for the winter to help keep the wire grass from coming back. Thanks! Love your website!

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