by Amanda

Hello DarknessBearded Iris are a staple of the perennial garden, whether you’re in Maine, California, or anywhere in between. We know gardeners are always looking to plant new, unique varieties, which is why we try to carry a new selection of Bearded Iris each planting season to compliment the tried and true favorites.

This season, we’re excited to be carrying seven new Bearded Iris varieties. We have several new colorful, large-blooming favorites such as Purple Serenade and Orange King. Hello Darkness is a must-have for any Bearded Iris lover, as the deep, near-black blooms add drama to any garden and are fabulous paired with lighter varieties. Cache of GoldDelta Blues boasts baby-blue blooms, making an elegant statement both in the garden and cut for bouquets.

We are also carrying several new dwarf, fragrant varieties of Bearded Iris that are perfect for the front of the garden. Fires of Fiji makes a unique statement with blue petals offset by bright orange beards. Cache of Gold’s cheerful, bright-yellow blooms delight twice in one season. Fission Chips is a royal orange color and the lovely blooms are sweetly fragrant. These dwarf varieties are perfect tucked in the front of your perennial beds and make a long-lasting, colorful statement year after year.

Delta BluesAugust is the perfect time to plant Bearded Iris as it helps the rhizomes to estabish their roots in your garden before the winter months, giving them a jump start on strong spring growth. Happy Gardening!

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