Hyacinths: A Treat for the Senses

by Amanda

Hyacinths are some of the most versatile spring-blooming flowers. Their fabulous, colorful blooms bring a sweet fragrance to the garden, pairing well with almost any other spring-bloomer. Hyacinths grow well in pots and can be chilled and forced to bloom indoors in the colder months.

Pairing with Other Spring-Bloomers

Hyacinths make a bold, colorful statement when planted with Daffodils and Tulips. All three bloom in mid spring and create a spectacular show for both the eyes and the nose. Plant extras for gorgeous spring bouquets!

Forcing Hyacinths to Bloom in the Winter Months

It's easy to enjoy the sweet fragrance of Hyacinths inside throughout the winter months -- Simply "force" the bulbs into early bloom.

Pot Hyacinth Bulbs in any container or arrange them in a paper bag. Place them in a cool, dark place (not freezing) for about three months. This "forces" them into dormancy and once the 12 weeks have passed, place them in a sunny spot indoors (remember to pot them if you haven't already). Water and enjoy the early breath of life and color in your home!

To learn more about this process, read our blog "Force Bulbs Now for Early Spring Blooms."

Perennial & Deer Resistant

Besides being fragrant and easy to grow indoors, Hyacinths are a perennial spring-bloomer, meaning they illuminate the garden year after year. They are also unappealing to pesky critters such as deer and rabbits, staying safe in the ground and not likely to be dug up.

If you're looking for a treat for the senses this spring season, plant Hyacinth bulbs in the fall. Try saving a couple of the bulbs and "forcing" them for winter blooms. We do it every year at American Meadows and it's a LOT of fun, especially for children!

Happy Gardening!

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