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Finally Getting this Garden Right!

Fall Bulbs
I live in a small city and am fortunate enough to have a yard and garden (albeit small) to tend to. There is one bed in the back part of my yard that is always changing and evolving with each season, that I'm never quite satisfied with. This season, that's all going to change!

When I first bought the property it was a huge, thorny bush of evil. Many hours and scratches later, this bush was gone and I planted an array of Spring-Blooming Bulbs. That spring, the early show was spectacular, but once the spring blooms were done the garden was a little bare. The next fall I added a few more Bulbs and our Fall Max Wildflower Mix, thinking that the wildflower blooms would take over once the Tulips and Daffodils were done. This is when I realized how little sun the area actually got. The Wildflowers did their best and were pretty, but there just wasn't enough sun for them to grow to their fullest potential.

Bareroots ready to plant!Cut to: Now (Fall 2013). This is it. This is the season I get this garden right! I've carefully and painstakingly chosen my plants, factoring in sunlight, soil type and spread. I have chosen: One Hydrangea All Summer Beauty (love the blue blooms), 3 Dwarf Hosta Medioveriagata, 5 Mixed Astilbes (great texture), 3 Pink Bleeding Hearts, and 3 Strawberry Candy Daylilies. Hydrangea PlantQuite a nice array of colors and textures, right? I figure there will still be dozens of perennial Tulips and Daffodils that will put on an early spring show, offsetting my new Perennials quite nicely.

I just received my order in the mail and am planting today. My Hydrangea looks amazing and I can't wait to (hopefully) design this garden for the last time. I'll be sure to post pictures this coming spring and summer once everything is growing.

Have you struggled with once specific part of your garden before? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

My challenging garden -- Just before planting today.

My Garden: Before

3 thoughts on “Finally Getting this Garden Right!”

  • Marilyn Joanne Henricks

    We just put in new flower garden for my Irises. They needed to be moved and good time to separate them.Was a nice layout for us. With ashade garden that takes on the looks ofnayural vegitation and plants found in nature in woods. Jack-in-pulpit, wild geruraium, honeysuckle, Few lilies, spring flowering bulbs,. violets, lily of valley..ferns, This is all under a Maple tree I planted, 28 yrs,ago. Then new neighbor moves in and put in a privacy fence 6-8 ft. high. Blocked my breeze, even wind chimes don't chime."Neighbor from Hell".Two weeks ago he was cooking to surprise his wife.Boy did he. He had a kitchen fire from hot grease caught fire, Idiot that he is put water on it. caught kichen on fire. 3 out of 5 cats parished, Well enuf of Scottie. Needless to say smoke damage is so great they have to move., I think we should have a going away BBQ. and finish the job. etc. I will miss him and family, but it will be a good miss. Now we can finish our landscaping. Loved that guy like a pair of shoes that hurt my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhoda

    Yes, the front part of our house. It is also the south side of the house and it is almost full sun the whole day. I have roses , astlibe, hydrangea, salvia and mums, daisies. The plants are not doing so well probably because of too much sun. The plants I have there now do well when the weather is cool. I will re-do it next spring because it is too late now. I will research which are the best plants to grow in a lot of sun garden.

  • Judy White

    I don't think a garden can ever be really complete, can it?LOL Mine is a constant 'work in progress'.Just when I say'Now, it's perfect,some beautiful flower comes along or some exotic tropical or billowy grass catches my eye and I find myself wondering''Is there room for just one more''?Of course there is!
    That's the joy of gardening for me!

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