by Mike Lizotte

All of our bulk Wildflower Seed Mixtures are 100% pure wildflower seeds, no fillers! (The average mixture found at a big box store or garden center is only 15% pure seed and 85% filler – Yuck!)
Wildflower Seed ComparisonOur proven Regional Mixtures contain an average of 25 different annual and perennial species. We include annuals for the first growing season and perennials for the second and successive seasons!

Regional Mixture

The Seed Man’s favorite week every year is National Wildflower Week each May.

We sold over 25 tons of Wildflower Seed last year.

The Seed Man: Then and NowMike “The Seed Man” Lizotte has been slingin' seed since the age of 13.  That’s 26 years of wildflower knowledge only found here at American Meadows.

We ship our Wildflower seed all over the world!  Nous expédions notre wildflower seed partout dans le monde! Spediamo wildflower seme tutto il mondo! Enviamos nuestros wildflower las semillas en todo el mundo!

We’re the unofficial Wildflower Seed supplier to the stars! We’ve sold our wildflowers to Kristy Alley,  Ashley Judd and Sheryl Crow just to name a few.

SunflowerWildflowers are great for attracting pollinators which are critical to our ecosystem.

Stop mowing your lawn and plant Wildflowers.  Mowing your lawn for 1 hour emits the same amount of pollutants as driving your car for 200 miles…Not good! 

Grow, don't mow!


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