by Amanda

Fall Garden CleanupNow that we're into November, it's extremely important (if you haven't already) to prepare your garden for the winter months. This doesn't need to be a weekend-long affair, simply follow a few easy steps and your garden will be ready to hibernate (along with you) for the winter and come back next spring stronger than ever! Cleaning up and Cutting Back It's important to cut back perennial plants, then rake debris and leaves out of your garden beds. This helps to prevent any bacteria or mold to grow and disrupt the healthy growth of your precious plants. If you planted Wildflowers, mow them down in the fall and leave the broken stems on the ground. This helps for the annual varieties to re-seed for next year and provides food/shelter for birds! Mulching DaffodilsFall is a great time to mulch, especially if you're trying to protect Bulbs or smaller plants from harsh winter temperatures. It's best to apply mulch just after your first hard frost. This helps to stabilize the temperature of the soil. We recommend using an all-natural pine or wood bark mulch that help to enrich the soil. If you're protecting your plants from the cold, we recommend a layer of mulch about 3-6" thick. Once the ground thaws, you may want to clear some of the mulch away from your small plants. Adding Bulbs for Spring Color Once you're doing your fall cleanups, it's always a great time to take note of bare spots in your garden. Purchase a bag of Tulips or Daffodils and tuck the Bulbs where there are empty spots in the garden. You will thank yourself in the spring when you're greeted with cheerful blooms! What is your fall cleanup process? Please share in the comments below or post on our Facebook page. Happy Gardening! Tulips
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