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Daylily Raspberry RufflesDaylilies are one of the true cornerstones of any perennial garden. With some care, they grow in any soil type and multiply each year, making them one of the best garden investments. Many varieties are re-bloomers, putting on a colorful show twice in one season. These deer-resistant beauties are a must-have for any perennial garden and we are excited to be carrying seven new varieties for spring 2014.

Daylily Raspberry Ruffles

With slightly ruffled petals and dramatic pink/burgundy blooms, Raspberry Ruffles is a must-have for any Daylily lover. Plant in spring for a knock-out summer show year after year. 

Reblooming Daylily Tuscawilla Tigress

Daylily Tuscawilla TigressIgnite your summer garden with this fire-orange Daylily. Tuscawilla Tigress boasts big, bright-orange blooms with a deep center and white markings on the petals. This deer-resistant favorite is a re-bloomer, illuminating the summer garden twice in one season. 

Daylily Siloam Double Classic

This unique variety has won numerous Daylily awards and we’re not surprised! Large, double pink blooms appear almost fluffy and Siloam Double Classic is also intensely fragrant. Like other Daylilies, this fabulous variety is extremely easy to grow and will thrive in almost any sunny spot. 

Daylily Mary Reed

Daylily Mary ReedThis raspberry-colored beauty boats a striking green throat and stays open in the evening hours, unlike many Daylily varieties. Mary Reed is extremely easy to grow and spreads each year, making it a great addition to any perennial garden! 

Daylily Prairie Blue Eyes

Unlike its name, Prairie Blue Eyes is a charming lavender/purple, accented by a bright yellow throat. Deer Resistant and easy to grow, plant this Daylily in any soil type and it is sure to dazzle with an abundance of blooms in the summer months. 

Re-Blooming Daylily Pygmy Plum

Pygmy Plum’s deep-colored blooms delight twice in one season and this plant is extremely easy to grow, withstanding almost any growing conditions. Plant this beauty in the border of your garden or in containers. 

Daylily BakabanaReblooming Daylily Bakabana

This cheerful yellow Daylily is a re-bloomer, igniting the garden with an abundance of blooms twice in one season. If you’re looking for a multitude of flowers, Bakabana is the perfect choice! A vigorous spreader, plant this beauty once for years and years of fabulous color.

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