by Amanda

Sedum Purple FormLooking for an easy-care, drought-tolerant perennial to ignite your garden into the autumn months? Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, grows in any sunny spot and each one looks so phenomenally different, you'll want them all in your garden! We are carrying over 10 new varieties for spring 2014 and have highlighted a few of them below.

Sedum hispanicum minus Purple Form

Purple Form is extremely easy-to-grow, thriving in any sunny spot. Blue/grey foliage changes to purple in the winter months and elegant pink flowers emerge in late summer.Sedum Pork and Beans 

Sedum rubrotinctum Pork Beans

Round, bean-shaped foliage changes from bright green to red in the summer months. This Sedum prefers full sun and is drought-tolerant. 

Sedum Cherry Tart

From the Sedum Sunsparkler Series, this variety boasts deep, cherry-red foliage in the late summer through fall. Cherry Tart is drought-tolerant and prefers full sun.Sedum Cherry Tart

Sedum ternatum

This variety of Sedum withstands partial shade and is often the first to bloom in spring, adding elegance to the garden floor with pure-white, star-shaped blooms.

Sedum spurium Fuldaglut

This easy-to-grow groundcover boasts vibrant green foliage with maroon highlights, offsetting rosy-red flowers in the late summer.

Sedum John CreechSedum spurium John Creech

This easy-to-grow groundcover creates a lush carpet of foliage with small, light green leaves and soft pink flowers. Perfect for rock walls, this Sedum will grow almost anywhere.

Sedum reflexum Blue Spruce

This Sedum gets its name from small, blue leaves that resemble the needles of a blue Spruce. Cheerful yellow flowers emerge in the early summer.

View all of our Sedum here. Happy Gardening!

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