by Amanda

We recently asked our 95,000+ Facebook Fans what their best gardening tip was. With over 200 responses, we chose a few of our favorites to highlight in our blog. What's better than gardeners helping other gardeners? We hope you enjoy and learn something new! About Planting Tomatoes: TomatoesFrom Donna A: "After planting tomato plants, cover ground with news paper, the top with straw. Keeps weeds down and moisture in." From Toni H: " When you plant tomatoes, whether in pots or in the ground, put crushed up egg shell a few inches below the plant and the egg shells with feed the plant calcium and sulfur. If you use a cut up banana peel it will release potassium in the soil also. don't use too much though, you don't want to cause harm to the plant. Also, tomatoes like to be watered from the bottom and don't let it get completely dried out either..." Garden 'Hacks': From Alice K: "Have a comfortable seat near each garden area ( bench, chair, good size rock,ect) so you can not only rest during the work times but to more importantly spend some time enjoying the beauty and the results of love and labor..." GardenFrom Ginger B: "Keep a bar of soap in the soap dish fir washing hands! When you get ready to garden, scrape the mushy back of the bar with your nails then put on your garden gloves! Nails stay soft and do not break or dry out, and it saves any dirt from getting under your nails! Works great!!" From Connie F: "Used coffee grounds are great to sprinkle around Hostas...the slugs don't like moving through it and thus no more chewed up leaves!" From Staci P: "A drop of dish soap in your water keeps the bugs away." From Traci S: "Plant up lots of pots of annuals poke them in the spots in the garden that are not in bloom yet , then move them to a new spot when they do come in bloom because a good gardener knows nothing comes in bloom at the time you want it to." Planting Peppers: From Ann M: "When planting peppers use about 6 matches taken from a matchbox and plant in the ground with your peppers, it will thank u & yield lots of peppers. University of Illinois, Horticulture Dept taught me this." GardenFrom Haley L: "I grow the best hot peppers around! I don't grow them in my vegetable garden. I grow them with the flowers. They seem to love the colorful company and try to compete by blooming like crazy!!! Beautiful, big peppers every year." Potting Tips: From Fran A: "Placing an open paper coffee filter in the bottom of your pot before filling with soil and plant makes life a lot less messy as the little clumps of dirt don't plop out of the pre made drain holes in the bottom of the pots ." From Denise N: "When a ceramic pot breaks, keep the pieces to put in the bottom of another starter planter to provide help with drainage." Bulb Tips: From Cynthia A: "Put your bulbs in little sections of the bags that onions are sold in.Squirrels leave them alone and the roots grow through the bags just fine." DahliasFrom Cindy G: "When planting bulbs, I mark them with popsicle sticks, to remember where I planted them in the spring..." On Soil: From Lisa N: "Start with good compost or soil you won't have anything great less you do that lots of tender loving care good pH balance water and you shall enjoy a beautiful garden sick back enjoy relax and pat yourself on the back for one beautiful garden" Thank you to everyone who contributed their own garden tip. We learned a lot reading through all of your comments. Do you have a gardening tip you'd like to share? Feel free to post in the comments below or share on our Facebook Page. Happy Gardening  
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