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Have Deer? No Problem!

We've all experienced it -- You spend hours meticulously planting your favorite Fall-Planted Bulbs in the ground, already anticipating the glorious rainbow of blooms to come in the spring. But, almost as soon as you plant them, you see bulbs scattered across your lawn and huge holes dug into your beds. The deer and rabbits have gotten to them and all of your hard work has been ruined! Well, gardeners, we're here to help with several Spring-Blooming Bulbs that are deer resistant. They have a certain smell and taste that are unappealing to the pesky critters.

Daffodils and Hyacinths

Daffodils not only grow almost anywhere and create a spectacularly cheerful display in the early spring garden, but are famous for being unappealing to deer. We have over 30 varieties of Daffodils to choose from, in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Allium add a truly mystical, unique look to your summer garden and because they are close relatives of onions and leeks, the deer stay away! If you haven't planted Allium before, you should definitely try them this season.


Allium bulbs, such as the Summer Drummer variety pictured above, have that "wow" factor and are dependably perennial.

The amazing scent of Hyacinth blooms can overcome your entire spring garden, adding an extra element to your landscape. The colorful and easy-to-grow bulbs are also deer resistant, making them the perfect choice for any garden. Grape Hyacinths create a carpet of color in the late spring and are gorgeous planted in clumps. These unique bulbs are perennial and deer resistant.

There are also several unique Fall-Planted Bulbs that deer tend to stay away from. Anemone Bulbs bloom in a rainbow of colors and bring drama to the spring garden.

Anemone Blanda Mix

Anemone Blanda Mix

Wood Hyacinth Bulbs create clusters of fragrant, blue flowers in late spring. They are perfect for rock gardens, beds and borders. Mediterranean Bells are a true conversation-starter in the garden and boast bell-shaped, bi-colored blooms. The blooms are also fragrant!

View all of our deer resistant Fall-Planted Bulbs here. What are your experiences with deer and Fall-Planted Bulbs? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Have Deer? No Problem!”

  • Anna

    What can I do to keep the deer out of my vegetable garden & yard. They are around here all day long.

    • Mike Lizotte

      Hello Anna,

      Yes this can be a challenge! I might recommend trying a repellent such as 'Deer Off' or 'Liquid Fence' as our customers have had some success with these. I'd also recommend contacting your local garden center as well assuming you're not the only person in your area that is having this problem, they might also be able to recommend some methods to keep them away.

      Good Luck and Happy Gardening!

      The Seed Man

      • Barbara Kastner

        Deer hate two things that I'm aware of. I plant onion sets amongst my tulips so the vegetation over laps. Of course the bulbs go in on the fall and you must mark them so you can put the onions in in the spring so they grow together. In the summer you can grind up onions in water and let them set for a while ,strain out the solids and then use liquid in a spray after each rain on the veg you need to protect. They also hate rosemary so interplanting might help.

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