by Amanda

Dahlia Alauna Clair-ObscurEach season, our garden experts choose a selection of new varieties to carry and all of us here at American Meadows get really excited to see the list. This year, the excitement level was met with an amazing selection of vibrant, unique summer-blooming bulbs that we’ll all be adding to our landscapes this spring.

New Dahlias

As the Dahlia gardener knows, there is always room for new varieties in the garden and each year must top the last! The Dinnerplate Dahlia Peaches and Cream gets its name from the delightful contrast of peach and cream blooms that can reach up to 8” across. The Semi-Cactus Dahlia Striped Vulcan requires almost no care, growing in any sunny spot and blooming from mid summer to frost. With unique blooms that fade from deep pink to white in the center, Cactus Dahlia Hayley Jane is a unique variety that is a true conversation-starter in any sunny spot. Like the city itself, the Dinnerplate Dahlia Manhattan Island is full of life and color, boasting huge, red blooms with a hint of yellow in the center. View all of our new Dahlias for Spring here.

Gladiolus Princess Margaret Rose

New Gladiolus

Gladiolus take up little room in the garden and are perfect for tucking amongst perennials or adding to containers on the patio. We’re excited to be carrying three new varieties for spring 2015. Igniting the summer garden with yellow-orange blooms edged in red, Gladiolus Princess Margaret Rose creates a huge statement both in the garden and cut for summer bouquets. One of the richest, most luxurious purple Gladiolus around, Purple Flora is a must-have for any summer garden. A fabulous color combination of purple, green, and white, the Gladiolus Glad You Are Here Mixture is extremely easy to grow and creates a cool color statement in any landscape.

New Canna Lilies

Canna Lily TropicannaCanna Lilies add a unique, dramatic look to the summer garden with boldly-colored blooms and variegated foliage. A perfect choice for the backdrop of a garden bed or large containers, Tropicanna Gold shines brightly in the summer garden with vibrant green, variegated foliage and light orange blooms. Canna Lily Orange Magic is extremely easy to grow and can be planted in large pots or window boxes. With bronze foliage that illuminates the summer garden and blooms to match, Canna Lily Tropicanna is a must-have for any Canna lover. 

Other New Favorites

Why not add a little diversity to the garden? Harlequin flowers are easy to grow and at only 10” high, are perfect for containers, borders, rock gardens, and containers. A unique addition to any garden, Caladium Tapestry’s gorgeous heart-shaped leaves are deep green with vibrant pink veins and cream centers, growing in any shady spot. Looking for something to “wow” your neighbors? This Pineapple Lily Mix is the perfect choice, boasting fun, spiky flowers and decorative top tufts.

Caladium Tapestry

View our 24 new Spring-Planted Bulb varieties here. What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Happy Gardening!

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