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[caption id="attachment_6750" align="alignright" width="300"]Lenten Rose Double Queen Lenten Rose Double Queen[/caption]One of the best pastimes during the colder months is planning and dreaming of spring. This year, we have over 40 new perennial varieties for spring planting and are excited about the wonderful diversity and dependability of our selections. We’ll highlight a few of our favorites and you can browse through them all here.

New Varieties for Shade

Gardening in shade can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a large variety of versatile plants that thrive in the shade and put on a spectacular show in the garden. This spring, we have several new shade-loving varieties. Lenten Rose Double Queen boasts gorgeous, double blooms that create a splash of vibrant color in the early spring garden. This heat-tolerant perennial thrives in partial to full shade and becomes a true conversation starter in any garden. Coral Bells Circus is a must-have for any shade garden and definitely steals the show! The brilliant foliage changes color throughout the season and the gorgeous red scapes boast elegant bells in the early summer. Our Astilbe Mix is an amazing shade-loving choice, providing a variety of color to the mid-summer garden with unique, spiky flower plumes that don’t require staking. Also known as False Spirea, our sAstilbe Mixture is deer resistant and amazingly easy to grow.

New Varieties for Containers

[caption id="attachment_6751" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lavender Platinum Blonde Lavender Platinum Blonde[/caption] Containers not only make it possible for any gardener to create a gorgeous landscape, but also add color, texture, and fun to a porch, patio, or walkway. We have a variety of new perennials for spring that thrive in containers. Platinum Blonde Lavender is a compact variety, growing to be 16-24” tall, making it perfect for a small space or container garden. Deer resistant and highly fragrant, this Lavender makes for amazing fresh and dried bouquets, sachets, and more. Hens and Chicks Spring Beauty is extremely easy to grow and is the perfect choice for rock gardens, container gardens, rooftop gardens, and more, growing in almost any condition. Blue Fescue Beyond Blue’s colorful foliage forms graceful clumps, making its own proper statement in the garden all season long. We recommend planting this easy-care beauty in a rock or container garden.

New Deer Resistant Varieties

Dwarf Butterfly Bush Blue Heaven is the perfect choice for any garden! Growing to be only 2-3’ tall, this compact variety is drought tolerant, disease resistant and blooms from spring through fall. Big Bluestem Grass Red October crates a fiery red statement in the fall garden with its foliage colors. Growing to be about 6’ tall, plant this ever-changing beauty in the back of the garden bed for an amazing backdrop for all of your favorite plants. With a little deadheading, Arizona Red Shades will bloom all summer long, providing vibrant color to almost any perennial garden. Like all Gaillardia, this variety thrives in full sun and tolerates most soil types. [caption id="attachment_6749" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Hens and Chicks Spring Beauty Hens and Chicks Spring Beauty[/caption]

Other Favorites

The Hollyhock Halo Mixture is perfect for planting in the back of the garden and creates a spectacular backdrop of color for the rest of the garden. Single blooms delight in the late summer until fall, flowering in a variety of white, yellow, red, and purple, with contrasting eyes. A bright, uniquely-colored Asiatic Lily, Trogon creates a show-stopping statement both in the summer garden and cut for bouquets. This easy-to-grow Lily is dependable, growing in almost any garden, as long as it has sun. Coreopsis Polaris’ pure white blooms reflect the moonlight in the evening hours and are perfect for a moon or sensory garden. The long-lasting, neutral blooms look amazing planted with almost any other perennial and become the true backbone of any formal or wild garden. You can view all 45 of our new perennial varieties here. What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook Wall. Happy Gardening!
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