We Dig Dahlias: Employee Success Story

by Amanda

Erin, one of our master gardeners and product managers, bought a house two years ago that had no existing landscaping. She and her husband have been slowly beautifying their landscape by planting perennials, shrubs and bulbs.

The first year, they planted all around the foundation. This year, they decided to hide the ugly septic system by planting a variety of Dahlia Bulbs.

In the late spring, they dug up all of the existing grass and added compost to the soil for extra nutrients. They planted 50 Dahlias, including Snow Country, Kelvin Floodlight, Babylon Red, Prince of Orange, Otto’s Thrill and Babylon Purple.

All of the Dahlias came up and they were absolutely stunning (as you can see by the photos below).

Their daughter loved heading out to the Dahlia patch every day to see the new blooms. They were so happy with the results that they dug up all of the tubers this fall to re-plant for next season. They hope to have the same gorgeous display next year.

We hope you enjoy the amazing transformation and photos of her garden as much as we do. Happy Gardening!

woman preparing soil bed for dahliawoman preparing soil bed for dahlia
dahlias in soil beddahlias in soil bed
finished bed with dahlias growingfinished bed with dahlias growing
white dahlia bloomwhite dahlia bloom
pink dahlia bloomspink dahlia blooms
dahlia beddahlia bed
girl smelling dahlia bloomsgirl smelling dahlia blooms
orange dahlia bloomsorange dahlia blooms
orange dahlia bloomorange dahlia bloom
girl smelling dahlia bloomsgirl smelling dahlia blooms
girl smelling yellow dahlia bloomgirl smelling yellow dahlia bloom
dahlia beddahlia bed
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