by Amanda

Butterfly Weed and Daylilies In last week’s blog, we talked about our sponsorship of the Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit that is dedicated to the protection of pollinators and spreading awareness of their cause. One of the big focuses of their organization is working with gardeners and farmers to create better habits for pollinators. They work on conservation techniques that you can easily create in your own back yard! Plant native varieties as much as possible and make sure to create a garden full of easy-to-pollinate varieties that bloom all season long. As you’re planning your spring gardening season, try to keep the following varieties in mind to add to your garden and make it a little easier for our disappearing pollinator population! Dahlias Wildflowers: View all Wildflowers that are great for creating a pollinator habitat. Summer-Blooming Bulbs: View all Summer-Blooming Bulbs that are great for creating a pollinator habitat. bee-ffmnPerennials: View all Perennials that are great for creating a pollinator habitat. Even if you only have room for a few more varieties in your garden, consider choosing plants that are easy-to-pollinate and will create a better habitat for bees, butterflies and others. Happy Gardening!
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