by Amanda

hibiscus The sheer delight of a huge, colorful flower opening up in the garden is one of the most joyous moments of the season. Huge blooms not only steal the spotlight outdoors, but also make for fabulous bouquets.  This season, we’re excited to plant some of our favorite easy-to-grow bulbs, perennials and wildflowers that create a huge statement with big blooms. dahliasLilies not only provide big color with huge blooms, but also fill the garden with amazing fragrance. Hibiscus blooms can grow to be bigger than your head and add bold, vibrant color to almost any sunny spot. Daylilies come in a wonderful variety of colors and are extremely simple to grow, delighting with huge blooms in the summer garden. Peonies pop through the soil in the early spring and are arguably the most anticipated blooms of the year; huge, highly fragrant flowers add elegance, charm and wonder both in the garden and cut. Hydrangeas are another elegant addition to the garden and their huge, iconic blooms are amazing for cutting and drying to enjoy all year long. Many summer-blooming bulbs offer huge flowers to the garden and often thrive in containers. Dahlias, especially the dinnerplate varieties, are the epitome of big blooms, coming in a rainbow of colors and shapes. A summer garden really isn’t complete without at least one variety of these beauties. Although Elephant Ears don’t bloom, their foliage is gigantic and creates just as dramatic a statement in the sunny garden. When thinking about big-blooming Wildflowers, Sunflowers are the first to pop in mind. Tall stocks give way to classic, cheerful blooms in the summer garden. Zinnias, especially the Dahlia Flowered variety, create a big statement with large, colorful blooms that are a snap to grow. When planning your garden this season, leave room for at least one of the varieties on our list. These easy-to-grow perennials, bulbs and wildflowers will steal the show in your garden with their huge, colorful blooms. Happy Gardening! sunflower
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