American Meadows owners Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte, left, and Ethan Platt, in the truck, posing for the camera as everyone waits for the start of the parade.

In years past, American Meadows has celebrated the 4th of July by making an appearance the Fourth of July Parade in Williston, Vermont. Everyone in the office pitched in to make this a successful and fun event. Anyone who was available helped decorate the truck and march in the parade to hand out candy and seed packets. Many of the parade's spectators were pleasantly surprised to receive free wildflower seeds!


Our playful Red, White and Blue Seed Packets and American Flag Seed Packets are perfect for the 4th of July and other patriotic celebrations, from barbeques to parades, and more! These packets contain quick-blooming red, white, and blue wildflowers.

American Meadows staffers' children were also able to get involved, riding decorated bikes alongside their parents and waving to the crowd. We also have our own professional Scottish bagpipe band on staff! Hazen and Shannon are members of the Catamount Pipe Band, and they volunteered to march in front of the truck and entertain the crowd. And of course, we had to have a couple of "pollinators" in our crew, as you can see in the background in one of the pictures below.


Various members of AMI staff members' children preparing to get on their bikes or walk with the adults. Left to Right: Evan, Lily, Cora, Adia, Sadie, Margot, and Eva.


Hazen and Shannon, who are members of the Scottish bagpipe band, Catamount Pipe Band, performed Scottish bagpipe music as they walked in front of the truck.


American Meadows employees passing out wildflower seed packets to parade-goers.


With his daughter sitting next to him, Ethan was the official "float captain" for the parade.


Left image: Adia, Sadie, and Margot smiling for the cameras. Right image: Ethan and his daughter, Cora, at the end of the parade.

Hundreds of people showed up to watch the mile-long parade, to cheer and wave to parade participants. The theme for the Williston Fourth of July parade was "Community," and we couldn't think of better way to celebrate community than to share our love for planting. After all, every community starts by putting down roots!

For more information on how to grow wildflowers, check out our handy wildflower planting guide.

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