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Plant Perennials Instead Of Mums This Fall

Don and Kathy Paulson's Garden, Seabeck, WA

There’s More to Fall Color Than Mums!

We all love the late color that mums bring to the garden, but this season, why not plant something that comes back year after year? We have a variety of mum alternatives for fall blooms that provide long-lasting color until the end of the season.

Sedum is extremely easy to grow and draught tolerant, making it the perfect choice for a rock garden or low maintenance area. This beauty adds fiery color to the late season garden, all the way into fall.


Aster is a native plant that takes care of itself all summer long, and then brings you a "second spring" when it begins its vigorous bloom, just when everything else is about to collapse. Asters are the surefire way of adding great fall color -- for years.


Coral Bells is a vibrant foliage plant with great garden interest that lasts all the way through winter.

Heuchera Carnival Watermelon
Black Eyed Susan.
 Everybody loves them as wildflowers, but the beautiful Black Eyed Susan was never a dependable garden flower until these incredible perennial hybrids were created.


4 thoughts on “Plant Perennials Instead Of Mums This Fall”

  • Darlene

    What do you have that deer won't eat or is it just futile? Starting to think fake flowers!!

    • Amanda

      Hi Darlene,

      If you have particularly hungry deer they may eat anything, but there are several varieties they tend to stay away from.
      Here is a list of our deer-resistant perennials:

      Happy Gardening,


  • Beverly

    Hi Darlene. I had the very same problems with all the deer. Even tho plant says deer resistant, if u read on, it says not 100%. I have purchased EVERYTHING including the very expensive things u hang around your yard. It fairs to say on the outside of product where u can read before you draws other unwanted pests, like raccoons to name just one. A gardening sales person heard me complaining about the problem to another employee. He told me to purchase a WONDERFUL product. Milorganite. It's an organic nitrogen fertilizer, but d/t the the use of human urine and feces (come on...we use cow feces), the deer smell the odor of human and make flight. IT WORKS. PROMISE. It is wonderful as a fertilizer also. You cannot use too much. It will never burn your plants or grass. You don't have to water after applied. I spread a line along the area where the deer come thru into my back yard. I also just use my hand and throw it on all my flower/plant gardens. My entire back yard is gardens and paths. Deer especially love Hosta. Eat it to the ground. NO MORE. Not expensive. I buy the 36 lb bag that covers 2,500 square feet so it lasts thru the seasons. Good luck!!!

    • Brook

      I make noise, whistles, bells, and I throw frisbies at the deer. I used to run at the deer yelling like a pirate "Arghhh". It worked until the deer realized that not only was I not a pirate but that pirates really aren't that scary. Sorta like the times I would pretend I was a bear and run and growl at them. They just look very confused and stood their ground. Most of the deer in my area refer to me as the crazy pirate bear lady. Sigh. I've tried many different tactics. I am a female and heard that urinating around your property was a deer repellent. I don't have to explain human anatomy to you but let's just say I would pull my knickers down, squat and hop around my property depositing my 'repellent'. I then heard that it was only the male urine that works. Ever invite a male friend to come urinate on your property? So yeah my best advice is NOT to do anything I have tried, especially the repellent method

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