by Amanda

daylily-garden Many gardeners are used to adding larger plants with green foliage – and even blooms – to their gardens. Many may be surprised, and even discouraged, at the sight of bareroots when they arrive. Despite the smaller size of these bareroots, they are actually a better investment and choice for your garden. The green foliage and blooms you find on plants at the big box stores and big garden centers can be deceiving. Many of these plants are root-bound and won’t grow much larger than they are when you first plant them. Bareroots, however, are only the root structure of the plant and will acclimate to your garden quicker, as well as grow to be healthier, larger and stronger plants. bareroot-dayliliesBareroots are popular for mail-order nurseries not only because they will do better in your garden, but also because they are less likely to be harmed during shipping and cost less to ship than large plants. It’s better to ship plants as bareroots (or smaller plants) because there is no chance to harm new, fragile growth and there is no shock to the plants when planted in your garden. As mentioned before, plants that are sold in containers (especially when in bloom) are root-bound and confined to that container, giving them a hard start to acclimate to your garden. Bareroots, however, are never placed in containers and can be grown in large quantities in fields, dug up and then sent directly to you. Although it may seem like it will take a longer time for a bareroot Daylily to add spectacular color to your garden than an already-blooming variety from the big garden center, the difference in bloom time is minimal and well worth it, considering the larger, healthier plant you’ll have in the long run.
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