by Amanda

One of our long-time employees, Erin, is always experimenting and planting new varieties on her property in Northern Vermont. This spring, the Seed Man prepped a 4,000 square ft. area in her meadow to plant a variety of wildflowers, including our Northeast Mix, Black Eyed Susans, Zinnias, Cosmos and more. He used a tractor to dig up the existing grass, then rototilled the area to loosen the soil, spread the seed and used a roller to compact the seed into the soil. If you're planting a smaller area, you can simply walk on the seed after planting to compress it. This helps prevent seed from washing away in the rain and also improves germination rate. As you can see by the photos below, the results were spectacular throughout the season, starting at the end of July and lasting through September.

Planting In Late May

wildflower-planting-2 wildflower-meadow-2 wildflower-planting-3 wildflower-planting-4 wildflower-planting-5

The Beginning Of July: Not Quite Blooming Yet!

wildflower-planting-6 wildflower-meadow-7

Blooms Start At The End Of July

  wildflower-meadow-10-midaugust   wildflower-meadow-9-july wildflower-meadow-8-july

End Of August

wildflower-meadow-11-endaugust wildflower-meadow-12-endaugust wildflower-meadow-16-endaug


wildflower-meadow-13-midsept Meadow_-_September_14_2015__52_ copy wildflower-meadow-14-midsept wildflower-meadow-15-midsept wildflower-meadow-16-midsept    
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