2015 Wildflower Photo Contest Winners

by Amanda

We had hundreds of spectacular, inspiring entries to our Wildflower Photo Contest this year. It was hard to pick four winners for each of our categories, which were Selfie, Close-up, Landscape, and Miscellaneous. We hope you enjoy the winning photos as much as we do!

Category One: Selfie in the Garden

Grand Prize: Cosmos & Zinnia, Submitted by Jinn B. 

man with flower in his beardman with flower in his beard

Rudbeckia, Submitted by Debbie D. 

woman standing in a field of black eyed susanswoman standing in a field of black eyed susans

Sunflowers, Submitted by Robert W. 

baby touching a sunflowerbaby touching a sunflower

Sunflowers, Submitted by Susan C. 

sunflower and dogsunflower and dog

Category Two: Close-up Shot

Grand Prize: Sunflower Autumn Beauty, Submitted by Ted T. 

close up of sunflower autumn beautyclose up of sunflower autumn beauty

Gaillardia, Submitted by Shiree L. 


Zinnia, Submitted by Leah H. 


Sunflower, Submitted by Josephine P. 

sunflower with praying mantissunflower with praying mantis

Category Three: Landscape Photos

Grand Prize: Annual Wildflowers, Submitted by Amy S. 

annual wildflower garden walkwayannual wildflower garden walkway

Wildflowers, Submitted by Al L. 

wildflowers in front garden of housewildflowers in front garden of house

Cornflowers & Poppies, Submitted by Marsha M. 

cornflowers and poppies in a gardencornflowers and poppies in a garden

Echinacea & Rudbeckia, Submitted by Virginia L. 

echinacea and rudbeckiaechinacea and rudbeckia

Category Four: Miscellaneous

Sunflowers, Submitted by Teddy M. 

black and white image of sunflowersblack and white image of sunflowers

Cosmos, Submitted by Nancy R. 


Milkweed, Submitted by Yvette L. 

milkweed and mothmilkweed and moth

Echinacea, Submitted by Darla M. 

purple coneflowerpurple coneflower

Stay tuned for another Wildflower contest soon... Happy Gardening!


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