by Amanda

Calla Lily Odessa

New Calla Lily Odessa

From new Tuberous Begonias to fluffy Ball Dahlias, we’re excited to be carrying a variety of new bulbs for spring planting. Our garden experts chose our new offerings for their adaptability and unique blooms. We’ve chosen to highlight a few of our favorites to get you excited and planning for spring!

Dinnerplate Dahlia Café Au Lait

This Dinnerplate Dahlia makes for spectacular summer bouquets and its soft, creamy color can change from an off-white to hints of pink as the season progresses. Truly an ever-changing interest in the garden! This variety is often used by professional florists for wedding bouquets and we understand why.

Gladiolus Summer Essentials Mixture

The Summer Essentials Mixture creates a knockout array of colorful blooms in almost any sunny spot. Like all gladiolus, this mixture is easy to grow, deer resistant and the blooms last for weeks and weeks. The tall, vibrant blooms are perfect for creating summer bouquets with and this mixture can be planted in rows, at the edge of the garden or tucked in between perennials for added interest in an already-established garden. Gladiolus Summer Essentials Mixture

New Gladiolus Summer Essentials Mix

Caladium Summer Pink

Like all Caladium, Summer Pink is extremely easy to grow and prefers a shady spot in the garden or containers. The bright, heart-shaped green and white leaves are sure to be a conversation starter in any garden. The long-lasting foliage adds texture to the garden throughout the summer, all the way into fall.

Calla Lily Odessa

For all the Calla fans, this variety is a must-have for your summer garden. Rich, dark purple flowers add pure elegance to the garden and make for spectacular summer bouquets. Odessa is deer resistant and extremely easy to grow.

Tuberous Begonia Bertini Skaugum

Calling all you container gardeners: this gorgeous Begonia is the perfect choice for you! Bertini Skaugum thrives in the shade and delights with spectacular red and white single flowers. This variety also attracts hummingbirds to the garden.
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