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What is this To help gardeners understand which plants will grow well for them, the entire USA has been segmented into ‘Plant Hardiness Zones’.

Why Preplanned Gardens Make Sense

sun loving preplanned garden

Our 'Sun-Loving Garden' thrives in hot, sunny areas and was created with plants that looke beautiful grouped together.

While many of us feel like we could benefit from a landscape designer's experienced touch in the garden, actually hiring out for professional help isn't always possible. Wouldn't it be nice if a garden designer could just create a start-to-finish garden plan for our properties, that we could install ourselves?

Enter Expertly-Designed Pre-planned Gardens and Collections.

Whether you’re a new gardener, a busy gardener, or someone who can’t quite plan that awkward triangular bed in the corner of your property, you could benefit from a pre-designed garden collection. Our in-house garden expert has designed a variety of pre-planned gardens and garden collections that will give your landscape that polished look with ease.

garden collections: monarch magnet garden

The 'Monarch Magnet Garden' includes 18 plants that create the perfect habitat for Monarchs throughout their entire lifespan.

Garden Collections Designed By Our Garden Experts

There are many points to consider when designing a garden and some can feel overwhelming. Color, mature plant height - and width, bloom times, and the amount of available sunlight in your garden are all factors to contemplate. No wonder so many of us could use a hand! Here's how our in-house designer found her starting point:

" First and foremost, I knew that I would start with plants that have a proven track record of success with our customers. From a design perspective, I wanted varieties that grow well with each other, and in return can produce a harmonious overall design when they reach maturity - like you might see in a magazine or even on Pinterest. It was also important to choose flowers that are easy to grow for any type of gardener, no matter their skill level."

Heather, Garden Designer


  • Monarch Magnet Pre-Planned Garden


    Sale: $111.49

    Per Collection of 18

  • Easy Care Pre-Planned Garden


    Sale: $122.99

    Per Collection of 27

  • Beneficial Bird Pre-Planned Garden


    Sale: $135.49

    Per Collection of 20

  • Support Your Pollinators Pre-Planned Garden


    Sale: $142.49

    Per Collection of 47

Here are some other benefits that pre-planned gardens offer:

  • Take the guesswork out of designing
  • Flowers bloom throughout the season to provide non-stop color
  • Plant spacing and placement is already carefully calculated, based upon mature height and width
  • Planting diagrams make it easy to install gardens, no matter the shape of your beds
  • Professional design means a professional look!

Planting Maps (with options) Make All the Difference

One of the features about these new gardens that we're most excited about is our awesome planting maps. Each garden comes with full planting instructions and a planting map with three different options for each garden.

You can choose from a corner planting design, a rectangular planting or an island planting design. This makes it easy to imagine the garden in your landscape and takes more of the guesswork out of planting itself. Each map has numbers that correspond to certain plants in the plant key that comes with the garden.

garden collections: monarch magnet map

Here are the 3 planting maps that accompany the 'Monarch Magnet Garden'. Each number on the map corresponds with an enclosed 'Plant Key', so that you can easily put the right plant in the right place.

We are excited to offer a great selection of preplanned gardens to choose from, each offering solutions for differing landscapes. You'll find gardens for your shadiest spots, gardens resistant to hungry neighborhood deer, gardens to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and many others.

Whichever pre-planned garden you choose, we are there with you every step of the way! As always, we invite you to share your experiences and gardening photos with us on social media, and in the comments below. Happy Gardening!

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