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Pre-Planned gardens are perfect for those of us who need a bit of help creating flower groupings that complement one another's height, color, texture, and bloom time throughout the entire season.

NUMEROUS LAYOUT OPTIONS Pre-Planned Garden Layouts
Installing a Pre-Planned GardenInstalling a Pre-Planned Garden. Why Pre-Planned Gardens?Why Pre-Planned Gardens? How Our Plants are ShippedHow Our Plants are Shipped.


“I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.
My neighbor comments on it every time she walks by.”

Jan in Longmont, Colorado

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Whether you’re hosting an event or looking for a unique business mailing, seed packets are an affordable and creative choice. The easy-to-grow, eco-friendly seeds inside will keep your event or business front of mind all season long.

5 REASONS TO BUY SEED PACKETS FOR YOUR PROMOTION OR EVENT 1) FREE ground shipping! 2) Promotional and event seed packet orders ship within 48 hours. 3) Non-GMO seeds and recycled paper 4) Mix and match discounts 5) Express shipping, just call (877) 309-7333


Put your totally custom designs on seed packets.

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What is this To help gardeners understand which plants will grow well for them, the entire USA has been segmented into ‘Plant Hardiness Zones’.

Installing a Pre-Planned Garden

Planning a Garden: Fragrant Garden

Our fabulous Fragrant Garden in bloom.

It’s a warm day in early spring and you’ve just received a box with one of our pre-planned gardens or plant collections. Lucky you, you’re well on your way to enjoying a professionally designed landscape! Although you may be anxious to get out in the dirt and start planting right away, with just a little preparation (and measuring) you’ll have a much easier time installing your pre-planned garden. And in just a few short seasons you'll be admiring a full, colorful garden that works beautifully in your landscape.

First Thing's First: Open The Box!

This is one of the key steps to ensuring success: as soon as you get your plants – even if you won’t be able to plant for days – take the plants out of the box, unwrap them from any packaging and place them in a spot that gets morning sun. Check the soil in your plants and if it feels dry, give them a good drink of water.

Planning a Garden: plants

Take your plants out of the box immediately and place them in a spot with morning sun to get acclimated to life at your place.

Look at the planting list and make sure each plant is accounted for and looks healthy. Place the plant tags, planting list, planting instructions and diagrams in a safe spot! These will be extremely important when it comes time to plant.

Planning A Garden: Choose A Location

Depending on what type of garden you’ve chosen, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting it in the right spot in your landscape. For example, if you’re planting the Sun Loving Garden, make sure the area gets at least 8 hours of direct sun per day. If you’re planting the Drought Tolerant Garden, remember that it's meant for fast-draining soils in areas that receive little water. By definition, those plants won’t do well in poorly-draining or wet soil.

Planning A Garden: Measuring The Garden Plot

For this step all you need is your planting list, the enclosed diagram, and a tape measure to properly space out your plants.

Once you’ve selected your planting area, take out our helpful garden diagrams and choose which shape would work best in your landscape. Each garden comes with exact square footage for all the plants. For example: our Fragrant Garden covers 72 square feet, or a 12 x 6’ rectangular bed.

Give your garden at least 12” of space in the front and sides, wherever plants could be in danger of getting chopped by the mower!

After you’ve chosen your garden shape based on your property or taste, measure out the area and mark the back, front and sides. This is an important step, as our landscape designers have placed the tallest plants in the back, and the shorter varieties in the front where they are easy to care for.

Planning a Garden: Garden Map

Each garden comes with three different maps to fit your space.

To Help Decipher Our Three Plans:

  • The front of the Corner Garden is the curved side. The curve will accommodate your mower!
  • The Rectangle Garden front is the bottom.
  • The Bean-shaped Garden front is the top.

If you have any questions or concerns when laying out your garden, please remember that our in-house garden experts are available to help via phone, email, and live chat. (877) 309 - 7333.

Planning A Garden: Spacing Plants Out

Planning a Garden: measuring plants

Measuring the spot for each plant is a perfect job for a little helper!

Now that you have your garden shape planned out, it’s time to get out the measuring tape again! If you look at your planting map, a circle designates each plant. Check the mature width of each plant; that is the total width of the circle (with the plant in the center of the circle). For example, the Fragrant Garden has a large circle in it that is Bee Balm Jacob Kline. At its maturity, this Bee Balm will grow to be 36” wide, so the circle is 36” wide. Once you’ve measured this, place your plant tag in the center of the circle so you’ll know exactly where to plant it.

Don’t plant until you’ve measured and marked a spot for each plant. This helps prevent errors.

It’s best to start at the back corner of the garden and work your way forward. Remember that the edges of the circles can touch but should not overlap too much as the plants could get overcrowded in several seasons.

Planning a Garden: placing plants

Put all the plants in their place before you start digging holes!

It’s Time To Plant!

Add an organic compost or topsoil to the area before planting and either pre-dig the individual holes or dig as you go; it’s up to you. Make sure to check the planting depth for each variety so you don’t plant anything too deep or shallow, which could cause issues down the road. Remember to save the plant tags so you’ll remember which varieties you planted where!

After you’ve planted all the perennials, give the entire area a good, thorough soaking to remove any air pockets.

planting a pre-planned garden

Most plants will be planted inline with your current soil level. Always double-check planting instructions for details.

After Planting Care

Make sure to keep an eye on your young plants in the beginning, offering them plenty of supplemental water and removing any weeds. There will be some space between the plants in the first season, which is fine! They will fill in with time and each plant will be able to grow bigger with a little more space.

To help fill in the spaces in between the plants before they mature, plant annual bulbs such as Gladiolus or Calla Lilies that don’t take up much room. They will offer up gorgeous color the first year and not hinder your plants’ growth!

Add mulch to your new garden to help hold in moisture and prevent weeds from taking over. It also helps add interest to the bare spaces in between the plants in the first season.

Now that you’ve planted one of our pre-planned gardens, in no time you’ll be enjoying a professionally designed landscape that took little time and – best of all – a fraction of the cost. The hour or so of planning and measuring before planting is definitely worth it: we promise!

2 thoughts on “Installing a Pre-Planned Garden”

  • Judith Gardner
    Judith Gardner April 30, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Recently purchased in Clarksville Tennessee, Zone 7, East facing front beds. Have removed all of the "contractor bushes", gravel, shade cloth etc. will be putting in a cover of compost/topsoil this week. Each bed is approximately 6'-7' deep and 9'-10' long -

    Would you be able to do a layout for me along with planting guide/map as discussed in your site? Prefer to use perennial plants, lean toward herbs, native plants, love color, not particularly fond of bulbs.

    Appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you. Judith

    • Amanda

      Hi Judith,

      How exciting! We have quite a few pre-planned gardens that are a great way to easily add a professionally designed look to your garden, but are unfortunately sold out until fall planting: http://www.americanmeadows.com/perennials/perennial-collections

      BUT, there are quite a few options and our site makes it easy to filter by color, height, bloom time, hardiness zone and more.
      You can find a list of all of our native perennials here:

      Also, our awesome team of garden experts would love to help you talk about some ideas for your garden. You can give them a call at (877) 309-7333. Good luck and happy gardening!

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