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gardening questions - planting
Our customer service team planting wildflowers together last spring.

What sets our customer service team apart? Our real, live garden experts chat with customers every day, answering gardening questions, helping to choose plants, and generally geeking out about gardening. Our friendly team of 25 garden enthusiasts spends their days on phone calls, emails and live chats with gardeners throughout the country. They solve planting problems that run the gamut from which way to plant a gladiolus bulb to amending acidic soil.

And it’s not just their job – they truly want you to grow the garden of your dreams and be successful in everything you plant! That’s why they’ll work with you on the phone to help choose varieties, follow up with links to articles on planting, and ask for you to let them know how everything grew. As gardeners, they know the joy of planting something and watching it grow and thrive.

gardening questions - doing good through gardening
Our purpose as a company, which is evident in our customer service team.

We may be biased, but we think they are the friendliest, most knowledgeable team in the business. And our customers agree with us, citing our friendly customer service as the reason they keep coming back – along with our fabulous wildflower seeds and plants, of course.

But enough gushing; we’ll let our customers tell the story for us!

Gardening Questions Answered: We Always Follow Up

“Ron was amazing last night! He helped me with every question I had and we had a half-hour conversation. He helped me decide what I would need to do with my garden and provided links to help me learn what to do and how to pick my plants. Not only did he help me so much yesterday, he also emailed me today to update me on some of the questions that he couldn't find answers for. In my book that is above and beyond and he has made me a customer for life! Thank you Ron.”

You can reach our awesome customer service team Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

“I have ordered flowers from a number of companies in the past. This is my first experience ordering from American Meadows, but it definitely will not be my last. The plants were shipped promptly and were in excellent condition. I e-mailed their customer service department thanking them and was quickly sent a reply from a very nice young lady. This is the type of service I appreciate....thanks again!!!”
- irisstrock, VA (

Gardening Questions Answered: 'Outstanding Customer Service'

gardening questions - tabar
Tabar, our amazing customer service manager (and certified Master Gardener).
gardening questions - workplace
We have an awesome space to work in, complete with a garden shed/conference room!
gardening questions - leigh
Leigh, our customer service assistant manager (also a certified Master Gardener!).

“I ordered bulbs from American Meadows recently. The customer service experience I received was extremely nice and my questions were always answered promptly. When my shipment notice was received, I actually received my bulbs the NEXT DAY! I was thrilled to have such fast delivery.

Best of all was the quality of the bulbs. They were actually beautiful to look at - so big and healthy and I just knew they were going to all jump right out of the dirt shortly after I got them planted which was the day I received them.

I will definitely be doing business with American Meadows again because of the high quality of their product and the outstanding customer service I received.”

- pmikula, TN (

Gardening Questions Answered: Customer Service 'Second To None'

“I could not be more pleased with American Meadows. Their products are high quality. I have had nothing but success with their products. Customer service is second to none. They are definitely committed to making sure that their customers are happy and successful, despite any human error or wacky weather patterns. I am a customer for life. Could not be happier with American Meadows.”
- dahlia20, VT (
“The customer service I received was the best of any I have experienced.”
- whiterabbitrage, WA (
gardening questions - vanessa
Vanessa is one of the 25 friendly voices you may hear when you call us!

Gardening Questions Answered: We Want You To Succeed

“I have had the best experience with this company. They answer questions and their website is very helpful and can narrow down my search to exactly what I'm looking for.

Seed orders are spectacular and grow amazing flowers. Plants are shipped packaged with love and safety. All plants arrived happy and not even stressed and most of all are thriving.

I had one occasion to connect to customer service and they not only took care of the small issue but exceeded my wildest expectations. They even did a follow-up to make sure everything was fine. You can truly tell they care about their customers and their business. Will certainly be a long-time customer.”

- zooladyb, FL (
gardening questions - amaryllis
Our customer service room is bursting with plants, including a variety of Amaryllis.

What are your experiences with our superstar customer service department? How have they helped answer your gardening questions? Please share in the comments below!

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