Easy Earth Day Projects With Seeds

Celebrating over 50 years of Earth Day!

We love seeing gardeners celebrate Earth Day by sharing seeds, spreading their love of the earth, and encouraging others to grow flowers! More and more gardeners are understanding that every day -- not just Earth Day -- is a good time to help the earth by planting pollinator-friendly, regional, and neonicotinoid (pesticide)-free plants.

Below you'll find some fun, easy Earth Day Projects using seeds and seed packets, including DIY seed starting kits, seed bombs, and more. You can make these with kids or gardening friends of all ages. Share these gifts at work, in the classroom, at your book club, community events, or anywhere you want to celebrate and share your love of gardening.

Seeds Of Tomorrow Seed PacketSeeds Of Tomorrow Seed Packet
Seeds Of Tomorrow Seed Packet

Share Seed Packets

One of the easiest ways to spread your love of gardening on Earth Day, and encourage others to help the earth, is to hand out seed packets! We have dozens of designs, filled with non-GMO and neonicotinoid-free seeds that will grow into pollinator friendly wildflowers. The seed packets have planting instructions right on the back, so recipients can plant right away. The seeds will sprout quickly and start blooming just weeks after planting, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to the garden. For as little as $0.30 per packet -- and free shipping every day! -- packets are an affordable, easy giveaway for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Seed Packets + Fresh Flowers

If you want to add more pizazz to your Earth Day handouts, pair your seed packet with a fresh cut flower. If you’re lucky enough to have things blooming in your garden already, cut them fresh from the garden and hand a stem out with an easy-to-grow wildflower seed packet. If your garden still hasn’t woken up for the season, head to your local florist or grocery store to see what they have in stock. Share a flower and a smile, with something beautiful to enjoy now, and something to look forward to when their seeds grow and bloom!

Cultivate A Brighter Future Seed PacketCultivate A Brighter Future Seed Packet
Cultivate A Brighter Future Seed Packet
Plantable Seed PaperPlantable Seed Paper
Plantable Seed Paper

Plantable Seed Paper + Pots

If you’re looking to give someone a quick, simple, and foolproof DIY growing kit, pair one of our adorable Plantable Paper Earths or Plantable Paper Flowers with a pot and some soil!

You can use a peat pot, small plastic nursery pot, an old coffee can (with holes drilled in the bottom), a mason jar with at least 1” of rocks at the bottom for drainage, or a nice ceramic pot.

Fill the container with soil, place the seed paper on top, and you're ready to grow!

Once you or your friends are ready to plant, soak the seed paper overnight and rip it up into small pieces to plant. Keep moist (but not soggy) and in a sunny, warm spot. Once seedlings are a few inches in height they can be transferred to a garden bed or a larger container. If you used peat pots, these can be planted directly in the ground.

Our plantable seed paper products are also a great way to customize stationery and greeting cards. 

DIY Seed Starting Kits

For a fun project to put together with your kids or crafty friends, you can easily make a DIY seed starting kit with old egg cartons, soil, paper tags (for planting instructions), and seed packets. This is an adorable idea to give out on Earth Day at a book club, to your kids, or for a school project. You can choose a theme for each kit, like “Herb Garden,” “Butterfly Garden,” “My First Garden,” and more.

The best thing about using egg cartons is once the seeds are sprouted to a couple of inches, you can cut the egg carton apart and plant each cardboard cell directly in the ground. Easy!

See the Full Step-by-Step Instructions: How To Make DIY Seed Starting Kits

DIY Seed Starting KitsDIY Seed Starting Kits
DIY Seed Starting Kits
DIY Seed BombsDIY Seed Bombs
DIY Seed Bombs

DIY Seed Bombs

If you’re looking for a more in-depth project to celebrate Earth Day with your office, school, or kids, making seed bombs is a great option! You can use any wildflower seed of your choosing. We recommend pollinator-friendly wildflower seed mixes or species!

You’ll need wildflower seeds, compost, non-toxic clay, and water. It’s best to make the seed bombs at least one day ahead of when you’ll need them so they have time to dry and set. 

On Earth Day (or any day), simply throw your seed bombs on bare soil wherever you’d like wildflowers to grow. Water until sprouts are a few inches high and then rainfall should be enough for the wildflowers to thrive.

You can also shop ready-made Seed Bombs!

See the Full Step-by-Step Instructions: How To Make Seed Bombs

Have Fun!

It’s amazing to see all of the different celebrations around the world for Earth Day, and no matter how you choose to spend the day, it’s important to have fun. If you can’t plant on Earth Day, get together with some of your friends or family and help clean up your local park, greenspace, or sidewalks near your home. If you’re able to plant, add pollinator-friendly, native, and long-blooming varieties to your garden to help pollinators from early spring all the way through fall.

Learn How To Garden Like It’s Earth Day Every Day.


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Monarch Butterfly & ZinniaMonarch Butterfly & Zinnia
Monarch Butterfly & Zinnia

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